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Outside of the plot, the 'theme' is often used to describe a topical issue that runs through the story, for example, fatherhood, unrequited love, racism. But it can also be more subtle, - that which colours the plot, sets its tone, gives it context, for example, water, the sky, sex, and can often be found in the story's imagery and metaphors.


The central idea or concept in the story (Sometimes could be the conflict of the story too)

In some places, theme could mean an authors message. What point is the author trying to get across? Ex: Don't judge a book by it's cover (don't judge a person by how the look)
theme is the truth about life that a story reveals
"Theme is the central message of a literary work. It is not the same as a subject, which can be expressed in
a word or two: courage, survival, war, pride, etc. The theme is the idea the author wishes to convey about
that subject. It is expressed as a sentence or general statement about life or human nature. A literary work
can have more than one theme, and most themes are not directly stated but are implied. The reader must
think about all the elements of the work and use them to make inferences, or reasonable guesses, as to
which themes seem to be implied." (from Laying the Foundation series of books published by AP
Strategies in Dallas)
For example, if love is a topic/subject of two novels, a major theme in one of the novels could be "Love, if
taken to extremes, can be negative rather than positive," while in the other novel, the theme might be "Love
can conquer even the greatest evil." Notice that the topic/subject is the same, but the messages about that
topic/subject are different in different works.
Consider this:
A theme is a meaning of a work. (Yes, there can be more than one "meaning.") Can the meaning of a work
be love? hate? greed? No-that makes no sense! Those are just topics, not themes. The theme is the
statement an author is making about a topic.

To find it, just look for the main idea.
A theme is the writer's message about a topic.
Some examples of themes are: honesty, acceptance, don't be greedy, treat others the way you want to be treated, beauty is only skin deep, love others, don't boast, don't think you are better than others.
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What is the theme of 'The Story of Zita'?

In the story, "The Story of Zita" the theme is love. The story isabout a teacher that is brokenhearted and goes to the land ofAnayat.

What is the theme of 'The Story of the War'?

In the story "The Story of War", the theme is how we arebrainwashed to go along with whatever society wants us to do. Thestory takes place in World War II and a couple's son is going offto war. A large number of people insist this is a good thing andthat the young man's mother should not feel sad. T ( Full Answer )

What does the theme of a story mean?

1st answer: In a book, the author is trying to teach you a lesson.When there is a book about friendship, the theme is friendship. 2nd answer: It means what the story is telling you, for example thestory can be telling people to always be truthful. It's the moral, or the lesson of the story. 3rd an ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the story small key?

It can be argued that theme of the short story The Small Key by PazLatorena is one of trust and honesty. Its obvious that the wifedoesn't trust her husband, and then she lies about going into thetrunk.

What is the theme of this story War?

The theme of 'War' by Luigi Pirandello is loss. War does not justaffect the soldiers and their families; it affects everyone.

What is the theme to the story the wave a in school story?

The school story is about one girl wants to get the other girls book published but that girl does not want to because her parents do not know about the book and that one girl wants to lie to her parents that her name for the book is Cassandra day but the problem is that her mom is a publisher.

What is the theme of the story Ramayana?

The Ramayana revolves on the theme of righteousness, adherence toethics and morals. Respect to elders. Kings and royals not abovethe law of the land. Kings duty is to take care of his subjects

In the short story the Sniper what is the theme?

The Theme of the Sniper: Wars reduces human beings to mere objects. They have no names,no faces.They are targets,nothing more,to be shot at from a distance.To support this theme the author refrains to any of his characters.War knows no boundaries,age,gender,location,time of the day,family ties.The s ( Full Answer )

What is the theme in the story seventh grade?

There is many diffrent themes in the story Seventh Grade by Gary Soto. ONe is " Dont be someone your not" the reason why it is a theme is because I said so now everyone take a poo!

What is the theme in the story priscilla and the wimps?

There are several themes in this intriguing story. The main ones are bullying , school , and physical reality . In this story, a bully named Monk Klutter is the antagonist, but Priscilla Roseberry saved the day.

Theme of the story dead stars?

It is one of the finest written love stories. Agree. It didn't only focused on the theme of love, but also, it showed how one conquer his self by understanding.Understanding that sometimes things can be illusions yet very influential It shows that in life, man really have to choose between two good ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the story the postmaster?

several themes are put together in Tagore's short story the postmaster------------ companionship,boredom,separation,false hopes and the distinction between the rural and city life.

What is the theme of story stone fox?

Don't give up. Don't be a quitter. You must have Hope and cannot give up when faced with a difficult challenge or situation.

What is the theme of the story of David and Jonathan?

A: The theme of the biblical story of David and Jonathan is one ofmutual love between two young men in ancient Israel. The biblicaltext does not explicitly depict the nature of the relationshipbetween David and Jonathan, and there is no physical intimacy apartfrom kissing, Traditional religious int ( Full Answer )

What is the theme in the story of Cain and Abel?

Leon R. Kass ( The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis ) says that the story of Cain and Abel contains many of the essential elements of human nature. He calls the brothers "paradigmatic" rather than real people, and says that their story tells why the subsequent giving of God's law might be both n ( Full Answer )

Does the theme depend on the setting of the story?

No, the theme of a story is the lesson or what you learned. Somebooks just talk about a subject without giving a setting and youstill can find the theme. The setting only helps add mood to yourstory, not to the lesson or theme.

What is the theme of the Great Carbuncle story?

The theme of the Great Carbuncle is that earthly possessions are not essential in life. Earthly possessions are not necessary for success and we should be satisfied with what we have. Earthly possessions will not gain you salvation either. You must put your trust in God and that His Son saved you fr ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of old story time?

Mrs. Bush, when she was First Lady, teamed up with Philadelphia's Children's Literacy Initiative to launch a radio show with the goal of encouraging parents to read aloud to their children. Mrs. Bush's Story time was broadcast on ABC Radio Network and featured Mrs. Bush and well known celebrities re ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the story brownies?

A lady asked a chef at a certain hotel To prepare a dish for the laddies attending the fair ,it has to be,she said , smaller than a cake and easily eaten from lunched boxes ,so he came up with the brownies.

What is the theme of the story flight of icarus?

The essential theme, at it's basest form, is that children should always listen to their parents, even if they are adults. To sum it up in a single word: obedience. It seems like a severe story to present what should be such a simple theme, but that's very common, especially in children's stories ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the The Landlady story?

The story "Landlady" expresses a horror and mystery theme. Due to the story's sinister mood, it creates a scary and uncomfortable atmosphere for the reader. Also, another theme in the story is appearance versus reality. It is interesting the reader that the landlady at first is very hospitable towar ( Full Answer )

What is the theme of the short story Saboteur?

The theme of this story is revenge. The main character in thisstory constantly thinks about the revenge that he could get on thepolice officers that falsely accused him.

What are the themes of the story the tiger in the tunnel?

One Tree Hill is so awesome. It is about Lucas,Brooke,Peyton,Nathan,Haley,Mouth,Rachel,Skills,Bevin,Karen,Dan and so on.My favorite couple is Nathan and Haley also known as Naley. Lucas,Peyton and Brooke are stuck in this love triangle cause Lucas cant really make up his mind as to who he wants to b ( Full Answer )

How do you create a story theme?

Deployment of a theme runs a whole spectrum of techniques from just simply stating it at the beginning to making the story serve as an example. In the novel Pride and Prejudiced the very first two sentences states the theme outright. . It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a singl ( Full Answer )

Is the theme of a story always the moral of the story?

No. The theme is the overall meaning of a story while the moral is 'a lesson that can be learned'. For example the theme of a story might be 'corruption breeds corruption' while the moral might be 'trust no one'.

What is the theme of story truce in the forest?

The theme of the story "Truce in the Forest" by Fritz Vincken iscalm in the midst of a storm, peace in the midst of a war, and thepeace of God being stronger than the enmity of man.

What is the theme of the story of job?

The book of Job is the oldest book in the bible. It comes from more ancient Babylonian sources. The theme of the book is 'Why do bad things happen to good people?'

What is the theme of david and goliath story?

even if you have huge problems in front of you and blocking away your journey to happiness but with god you can overcome these problems with only a stone that can be a prayer or act of kindness.

What is the theme of the story The Jade Peony?

The Jade Peony was written by Wayson Choy and takes place inVancouver's Chinatown in the 1930s and 1940s. The story is toldfrom the perspectives of three siblings concerning how it felt tobe immigrants, how they struggled with their identities, and theirthoughts on what it was like to be identified ( Full Answer )

Can the moral of the story also be the theme?

Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't like say if you have a story about a guy liking a girl and him trying to get her to like him the moral would be to be yourself but the theme can be like him growing up or something but in other times like say a person got encountered with a bear then the moral woul ( Full Answer )

What is the theme for the story Half Chicken?

There are two themes in the tale "Half Chicken". The first is theprice of vanity, as Half Chicken's sense of self importance leadshim to almost be cooked alive. The second is the importance ofhelping those in need, as they will help you in return when youneed it.

What is the function of the theme in a story?

The function of a theme is to give you something to write about. If you are not writing about something, then you are just typing (to quote Truman Capote).

What is the theme of the story of the donkey cart?

The Donkey Cart is about enduring isolation. It is about a teacherin Northwest China who decided to ride with a man in a donkey cart,even though he had heard bad rumors about him.

What is the theme of the story Odysseus and polyphemus?

The dangers of excessive pride: Odysseus strategizes a way to defeat the cyclops (Polyphemus) despite its extreme strength. He identifies himself as Nobody and blinds the cyclops. Once injured, the cyclops wails that nobody has attacked him. Yet the defeat is not enough for Odysseus. He taunts th ( Full Answer )

What is the theme for the story Animal Farm?

It is a political satire by George Orwell, intending to shed light onto the harsh reality behind the seemingly perfect communism of the Russian Revolution.

What are some common story themes?

Anything can be a story theme. It depends on the author. It can belove, revenge, maturity, or even humor.