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What is the theme of alienation in the books quicksand and the man who lived underground?

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Where did Hitler lived during the holocaust?

underground Hitler lived in bunkers underground in the city of Munich.

What is the underground rooms of the ancient pueblo lived?


What is the name of the movie were a family lived underground?

Blast from the Past.

What are the artifacts of Native Americans of the Plateau?

they lived in Underground winter houses.

How long have the people lived underground in city of ember?

200 years.

Where did abolitionists live?

Abolitionists lived along the Underground Railroad so they could assist slaves on the run by giving a safe place to spend the night. Other abolitionists lived in big cities to inform slaves about the underground railroad.

Where did the aliens live in gears of war?

i wouldn't call them aliens but anyway they lived underground

How were the Nazca able to farm the land they lived on?

The created an irrigation system and underground canals.

Why would people want to live underground?

Underground houses have a constant temperature compared to the outside weather. Many people have built/lived/live in houses desgined underground. In my area one man buit his home underground and it has become a tourist attraction.

What type of house did the Shasta tribe live in?

in the winter they lived partly underground to keep warm

What was the motivation behind building this the London underground?

the congestion in the city, if you lived in London you would know why they did.

In what type of environment did the Shasta Indians live?

The Shasta Indians lived partly underground during the winter but they also lived in tipis when it wasn't as cold outside

Where does underground oil come from?

What we find as crude oil underground today was formed by millions of years of chemical reactions from the decay of plants that lived long ago. Most of them were palms and ferns.

What state in Europe where Harry Potter lived?

Harry Potter lived in England. In most of the books, England was the main place of action.

Did any of Laura ingalls wilder's books get denied?

yes, at first they did when she wrote them saying "I" instead of "Laura" for example "I lived in pioneer times" (not a real passage from the books) she changed it to "laura lived in pioneer times"

In Fahrenheit 451 why were books banned?

The books were banned because they promoted individual thoughts. In the society they all lived in, it was easier to have everybody agree; therefore burning the books.

What is the name of the horror movie from the 1980s where humans turned into demons and the demons lived in a huge underground cavern?


What home did the Anasazi live in?

At first they lived in underground homes but as they developed they built their homes in the sides of canyons and mesas

What housing did the nez perce have?

Originally, the Nez Perce lived in underground houses, called earth houses. They made these homes by digging an underground room, then building a wooden frame over it and covering the frame with earth, cedar bark, and tule mats. Later, when they began to follow the buffalo, they lived in teepees.

What kind of homes did the Anasazi live in?

At first they lived in underground homes but as they developed they built their homes in the sides of canyons and mesas

What did Charles Dickens in England?

wrote books like a christmas carol. he lived in stratford

What led to Haile Selassie's overthrow in 1974?

Dr Dre shot the opposition and then followed moles and lived underground, with the Rwanda people.

How many books did Johannes Kepler publish?

Johannes Kepler lived from 1570 to 1631. He published sixteen books in his lifetime mostly focusing on astronomy and mathematics.

Who wrote stories about the moles who lived in Duncton wood?

William Horwood - great books, read them!

What are the first three books of the New Testament called?

The first FOUR books are the Gospels as it tells the story of Jesus Christ while he lived among the people. The first three books are Matthew, Mark and Luke.

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