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deep dark and dangerous' author is Mary downing hahn

what is the climax of deep and dark and dangerous.

the conflict of deep dark and dangerous is that Ally'smom wont let her go to the cottage because her mother is scared of something-- read the book to find out!

The author of Deep, Dark & Dangerous is Jaid Black

Im pretty sure that the theme is telling the truth from the start. Dulcie and Claire would have had to go through all that trouble if they would have told the truth at the beginning!

Mary Downing Hahn wrote Deep and Dark and Dangerous.

deep dark and dangerous is a great book and I garuntee that you won't want to put it down. it jeeps you waiting and you DON'T know whats coming up next! you should totally read it (:

The Cabin previously owned by their family!!(:

Deep dark and dangerous is not a movie. i hope they make a movie it would be awesome to see

"Deep And Dark And Dangerous" is set mostly in Maine, but in the very beginning Ali is in Connecticuit.

to always tell the truth right from the start. the book is about sissy and how she wants to have a burial and basically have Emma and alis mom admit what they did . hope this helps!

a very important part in deep and dark and dangerous is when sissy (Teresa) tries to drown Ali and Emma.

Im looking for websites that you can read Deep Dark and Dangerous on and right now it doesnt seem like there is a website to read from but im going to keep looking and if I find a website I will get back to you and tell you. If you cant find it either go to a Library and check it out. Trust me it will be worth it because Deep Dark and Dangerous is an Amazing book that you and your friends will love.

no that i know of , but i will seach it on google to check , but i hear it is aVERY VERY VERY good book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course not she got the idea of this book from a librarian in Kansas and it was all a story

blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and beautiful according to Ali in the book.

Deep, Dark, and Dangerous are Horror and Ghost stories.It depends on the believer. If you believe in ghosts, it could be realistic fiction. If you do not, it is just fiction.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous is by Mary Downing Hahn. The paperback has 192 pages. The Clarion hardcover also has 192 pages.

A simile needs like or as in the description. His laugh was like a deep echo from a canyon. His eyes were as dark as coal. His movement was like the strike from a dangerous snake.

That that third girl who was torn of the picture was Sissy a.k.a Teressa. READ THE BOOK AND YOU'LL SEE IT!!!!

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