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What is the theme of the uglies?


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Uglies is a futuristic book about a world where anyone normal is ugly. When you turn 16, you get an operation that makes you pretty, but the price you pay, as Tally later finds out, isn't very pretty at all.

Here is a summary of Uglies:

Tally cant wait to turn 16, but when her friend, Shay, runs away to the Smoke, Tally is faced with a decision. Dr. Cable tells Tally she must find Shay and expose the Smoke, or never turn pretty. Tally decides to use the instructions Shay gave her to find the Smoke and expose it so she can turn pretty and be done with all of her problems once and for all. When shes arrives at the Smoke, she makes friends, including one special friend, David, and decides that she likes the Smoke and doesn't want to expose it. Later, Tally discovers the price of being pretty, and doesn't want to be pretty anymore. But when Tally accidentally activates the tracker Dr. Cable gave to her, the Specials and Dr. Cable arrive. Tally escapes the Specials with David and they travel to the city together to find and rescue their friends and loved ones who were captured. Later, Tally gives herself up to the city so that she can be an experiment for the Smoke and try the pills that will get rid of the "not so pretty secret". And that is where Uglies ends, and Pretties begins.