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"Up All Night" theme song artist is unknown at this time (October 2012)

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โˆ™ 2012-10-12 01:31:05
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Q: What is the theme song to the TV show Up All Night?
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What is the theme song for the Tyra show?

The theme song of the Tyra Banks Show is a remix of All That I Got by Fergie.

What was Lance Storm's theme song in the WWF?

Lance Storm's theme song in the WWF/WWE was "Party All Night".

What is the name of Sheamus's WWE theme song?

rock my body all night long

Theme song for the Mary tyler Moore show?

Love Is All Around

Who sang the theme song to the tv show All that?

It was performed by TLC in 1994

Was The Tonight Show theme taken from another song?

The Tonight Show themes are all original scores.

What was the theme song for the TLC show a wedding story?

Chris Curtis, "Love is all there is"

What is the song that goes all right all ready to show?

The song that has the lyrics of "Alright, already the show goes on all night" is called The Show Goes On. This song is by Chicago born rapper Lupe Fiasco.

What TV show did Waylon Jennings perform the theme song for?

In 1979, Wayland Jennings recorded the theme song for the hit television show The Dukes of Hazzard, and also served as the narrator ("The Balladeer") for all seven seasons of the show.

Who sang All That's theme song?

The theme song for All That was performed by TLC.

What is the theme song that played in that 70s show?

That 70s Show Theme Song: Hanging out! Down the street, the same old thing. That we did last week, not a thing to do... but talk to you. We're all alright! We're all alright! Helloooo Winsconsin!!!!

Who sings the theme song for WWE's NXT?

The current theme song is called " Wild and Young " and is performed by American Bang. During season 3, the show's opening theme song was " You Make the Rain Fall " by Kevin Rudolf. Also promoting it as an " official theme song" for the show, WWE NXT used " Get Thru This " by Art of Dying as bumper music during all five seasons of the show.

What was the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

love is all around by sonny curtis.

Why does it show ALL the legendary Pokemon -from ALL the seasons- in the 13th Pokemon theme song in Japanese?

Bcause they are best in all of Pokemon

What is the shortest most successful song of all time?

The hockey night in Canada theme song or the robot chicken "im a gummy bear" song. Just my opinion

What is the name of theme song of animorphs?

The animorphs theme song is "It's all in your hands".

What was the theme song to The Mary Tyler Moore show?

That was "Love Is All Around," Composed and sung by Sonny Curtis.

Who composed the theme song for Rescue 911?

Sonny Curtis composed the theme song for the CBS television show "Rescue 911" (1989). That the next day Sonny Curtis went to the studio and he decided to record the theme song for the CBS series with William Shatner as the host. He also did the theme song for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" which also aired on CBS from 1970 to 1977 it was called "Love Is All Around".

What is the name of the band that sung lance storms theme song when he was doing the partying gimmick?

The name of the song is called Party All Night. I do not know the name of the band that sings this song.

When was The All-Night Show created?

The All-Night Show was created in 1980.

What is the theme song to icarly?

Leave it all to me.

Who sings the Digimon frontier theme song?

Koji Wada sings the frontier theme song. He also sings the theme song for all the other seasons of Digimon.

Characters from coach the Drew Carey show grace under fire and Ellen all appeared on a night of crossover show is which had what municipal theme?

Viva Las Vegas

Is the song sang in The Regular Show on Cartoon Network episode name Open-Night an actual song?

i do not think it is a real song, as ive looked all the web for it.

What is the theme song called from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2?

The theme song is the same for all the movies. It is called Hedwig's Theme.