What is the theme to the story The Lion King?

Like many movies, there is a very strong moral. This is because Disney was very child- oriented. Many cahacters show this theme throughout.

The lion king was a great movie. One of my favorites. The theme i would have to say is on (don't shoot me if I'm wrong) Life. I'll explain. In the beginning it starts with simba's birth. It then moves on to understanding life it self, The great circle of life and how we are all one and than bravery, simba going to the elephant grave yard. Than he suffered the lost of a loved one and feeling of isolation and unlove. Not knowing that every one still cared for him and that he was just a victim to scars evil plans. And than he experienced true friend ship with timon and pumba and tried new things(bugs for example). Then he was reunited with nala and had the feeling of love. Then soon after conflict started arising. He had a struggle of wether to stay or go and kick out his uncle and take his place as king. And in the end he stood up and did what he had to for the pride lands.