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Well, it is an experiment in behavioral Psychology. The idea is that if we associate one thing with another (in this case, associate a bell with food), that eventually the same things will happen when the associated thing happens as when the original impetus happens. The dogs would start salivating when they saw their food... so they would ring a bell when the food came, and eventually, the dogs would start salivating when the bell rang... even when it was not accompanied by food.

The same thing happens in everyday life to a certain extent. For instance, someone who hates their job will get grumpy whenever they are at work... but they could also start to associate it with other things, like the whole company, the whole city, the whole state. Eventually "I hate California" would express that person's hatred of doing a particular thing or interacting with a particular person, because they have associated other things with whatever they detest. Whether it is worth addressing all of our associations and working through them or just moving to another state depends on the circumstances.

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Q: What is the theory behind the Pavlov's dog experiment?
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