What is the thermal efficiency of the nuclear process for generating electricity and how does it matter?

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The new General Electric 9H and the Siemens competitive equivalent gas turbines are claiming a 60% efficiency by using combined gas and steam generation to scavenge as much energy as possible from the input gas.
Similar figures might be obtained from closed cycle gas nuclear systems, but to date have not been recorded. Work with 35% to 45% at the moment.

It is important in that much of the energy in a generating station is wasted, and simply heats up the local atmosphere. There is a financial cost, and with conventionally fuelled power stations, a big pollution cost. Nuclear stations are much cleaner.
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Which is more efficient way to generate electricity - solar thermal plants or photovoltaic plants?

I cant answer this question fully. However I do know that mass produced PV panels generally reach around 12-16% efficiency. It is possible to reach far higher efficiencies but not on a mass produced basis, so high efficiency PV cells only tend to make it onto special projects such as space flight ( Full Answer )

How does nuclear fuel generate electricity?

Power plants rely on generators to generate electricity. In most conventional power plants, those generators are powered by steam or superheated water. Their water is heated by coal (or coke), or some other fuel to cause it to reach high temperatures. At the point where water is about to become stea ( Full Answer )

What are the principles of solar thermal electrical power generation?

The sun's rays are focused on a central tower using an array ofmirrors (heliostats). The central tower is filled with a medium,like salts, that can store the intense heat created. This heat isused during the day to produce steam to generate electricity (steamturbines). There is enough heat remaining ( Full Answer )

What is the process of power generation in thermal Power plant?

In a thermal power plant, water is heated in a boiler to produce steam.This steam turns the shafts of a turbine.the thermal energy of the steam is converted into mechanical energy at the turbine.The turbine is coupled with an alternator.In the alternator, the mechanical energy of the turbine is conv ( Full Answer )

Why is nuclear fusion not used for generating electricity?

"It would be very desirable to use nuclear fusion to produce power on Earth. The fuel source, the hydrogen in water, is highly abundant, and the process is very clean and environmentally friendly. The fuel supply for nuclear fission is not abundant, must be highly refined, and the process yields a g ( Full Answer )

How does a nuclear power plant generate electricity?

The nuclear part of a power station, just generates a vast amount of heat. This heat, is used to turn water into steam at high pressure. The high pressure steam is injected into a turbine (like an enclosed fan), which then turns a generator. The generator is basically the same unit as used in ( Full Answer )

How does nuclear power generate electricity?

Basically, radioactive fuel, such as uranium is loaded into a reactor. Heat is generated by atoms splitting apart and generating heat energy; a chain reaction causes other atoms to split and generate more heat. Control rods are used to control the speed of the reaction. Water collects the heat energ ( Full Answer )

How can nuclear energy generate electricity?

It cannot do it the direct way. Nuclear energy makes heat and this heat can be used do heat water that drives normal turbines that make electricity. Most commonly, nuclear energy is used to boil water and produce high pressure steam. The steam is then used to turn a turbine, which turns a generator ( Full Answer )

How is nuclear power generated into electricity?

A nuclear electrical power generating station is a jarring contrast in the levels of technology that work together. . -- A controlled nuclear fission reaction is contained in a heavily isolated and protected core, where it continuously generates huge quantities of heat at a high rate. -- ( Full Answer )

How is nuclear electricity generated?

Most of us have got a wrong notion that electricity is derived right from the nucleus of Uranium. It is not true. From the fission of Uranium nuclei, we get enormous amount of heat energy which coverts water into steam at high pressure. This, in turn, runs the turbine which generates electricity by ( Full Answer )

How is nuclear fission used to generate electricity?

When atoms split, the energy that is released heats water in the reactor. Steam is produced and turns a turbine. The turbine runs a generator that creates electricity. What is most interesting, is that "electricity" is created by the splitting of the atom (electrons and/or protons moving is electr ( Full Answer )

Most efficient electrical generator?

A more efficient electrical generator, or something much more profound? . f you've been following the story of Thane Heins and have been looking for an update to his story , I had one appear this weekend in the Toronto Star . It was a year ago when I first wrote about Ottawa-born Heins, who ( Full Answer )

Thermal efficiency of nuclear power plant?

The average thermal efficiency of a nuclear power plant, which accounts the heat produced in the reactor and the electricity produced in the turbo generator, is about 33-34%, varying on the type of the reactor as well as which fluid is used to cool the reactor and transfer the heat.

To generate electricity nuclear power plants produce?

Heat by fission in a nuclear reactor, that is used to generatesteam which drives a steam turbine connected to a generator whichproduces electricity. There are 435 nuclear power reactors inoperation operating in 31 countries as of April, 2014.

Nuclear reactors should not be used to generate electricity?

False. Nuclear power is used to generate about 25% of the electricity in the United States, and about 75% of the electricity in France. Nuclear power is far safer than coal-fired power plants, and produces no harmful emissions, if you care about such things.

Can nuclear fission be used to generate electricity?

Yes, nuclear fission results in loss of mass (or mass defect) that transforms into energy according to formula E = mc2 (c is light velocity). The resulting energy manifests itself as heat energy that produces steam. The steam spins the turbines that spins electric generators and hence producing elec ( Full Answer )

How can nuclear fission generate electrical power?

Nuclear fission process results in thermal energy production (this due to mass difference before and after of fission). This thermal energy is transferred to reactor coolant system. Then the thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy through turbines. The mechanical energy is converted into ( Full Answer )

Why does it matter how you generate your electricity?

1, 'The carbon foot print', the fossil fuel makes CO2, which is a heat holding gas. fact: your kids instead of telling it is cold, he hides under the blanket and breathe out , the co2 he generate breathing traps the heat and keeps him warmer; put an empty glass bottle with a temperature gauge and ro ( Full Answer )

How do nuclear power plants generate electricity?

For all the sophisticated science, technology and engineering, a nuclear power plant is essentially a big teapot. The controlled nuclear reaction generates heat that is used to boil water. The steam powers turbines that generate electricity.

How a nuclear power plant generates electricity?

A nuclear power plant generates electricity by turning turbines that turn generators. This is no different than fossil fueled plants. The difference in nuclear power is the source of the steam. Instead of a fossil fuel boiler, there is a nuclear reactor that uses the power of the release of b ( Full Answer )

What is the efficiency of an electric generating plant?

I assume you're referring to the efficiency of converting heat energy into electricity. In general, 30-50%. This will vary depending on the design. Combined cycle plants will be more efficient.

What are the problems with generating electricity using nuclear fuel?

There are a few problems but the largest ones are of the disposal of the leftover radioactive waste and the huge price tag of the initial construction of the reactors. The reason that the disposal of nuclear waste is such a large problem is because of Uranium's extremely high half-life. This means t ( Full Answer )

How efficient is nuclear?

Nuclear power plants such as PWR and BWR have a thermal efficiency around 33 percent. The best fossil fired plants are around 40 percent efficient.

Does all electricity generate from nuclear technology?

No. electric power has been in common use for over one hundred years, but nuclear technology has been in use for only about fifty or sixty years. Hydroelectric power is generated by flowing water as at a dam. Solar electric power is electricity generated by sunlight. Geothermal electricity is genera ( Full Answer )

How does electricity generated from nuclear energy?

By Nuclear fission,nucleus of a heavy,radioactive atom (eg-uranium,thorium,plutonium) is bombarded with low-energy neutrons to split into lighter nuclei.This generates tremendous amount of energy.This energy can be used to produce steam which turns the turbine and thus electricity is produced on a l ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of having nuclear reactor to generate electricity?

Nuclear powerplants produce around 2000-6000 Mega watts per unit.That is equivlent to 4000 Tons of coal. Nuclear Powerplants are theonly Cleanest and highest energy producers to date. This is whyNuclear Powerplants are important, The world is dependent on it forPower and Electricity.

What is the most efficient power source Hydro Thermal or Nuclear?

Since hydropower involves the direct change of stored potential kinetic energy into electricity, rather than requiring going through a thermal transfer stage (i.e. heat->kinetic->electric vs kinetic->electric) as in nuclear or geothermal, the "efficiency" of a hydropower plant is certainly higher th ( Full Answer )

What is the method for separating the electrical generator from nuclear reaction?

The nuclear reactions release neutrons. These are trapped in a moderator, which slows them down by collisions, and this energy shows up as heat. Hence the name "boiling water reactor". Just ordinary heat as in steam. The steam is used to run a turbine, to which is atached the traditional generator. ( Full Answer )

How electricity is generated from nuclear power?

Nuclear fission (splitting of atoms to release their powerful forces) takes place in a nuclear power station. This produces heat which is used to turn water into steam. The steam is used to spin turbines which in turn run generators. A generator is a machine that produces electricity.

What are the steps to generate electricity through nuclear power?

-- In a steel can, put together some kind of a pile of uranium that can get hot without exploding. -- Pump water through pipes around the can, to take the heat away from the uranium. -- Pump the water slow enough so that it gets really hot, like it's ready to boil. -- As soon as it comes ( Full Answer )

What is the main process in generating electricity?

There are many electricity generation methods. For example, windturbines, nuclear reaction, generators, fossil fuels and many more.In almost all the processes, final electrical energy is producedonly from buring of fuel. Fuel can be coal, Uranium etc. Theyconvert the energy generated after buring th ( Full Answer )

What is thermal efficiency?

Thermal efficiency is the efficiency of a heat engine measured bythe ratio of the work done by it to the heat supplied to it.