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Blood clots

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Q: What is the thicker substance the blood from your period?
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You experienced a three week period but the blood was only red for about two days but was instead a brown thicker substance can anyone tell you what it could have been?

So, you experienced a three week period but the blood was only red for about two days. Then instead of being red it turned into a brown, thicker substance. First of all, a period should not last three weeks but it is normal for the color to change towards the end of your period. What you have been describing could be a sign of an infection so you should make an appointment to see your doctor immediately.

Is blood literally thicker than water?

Yes, blood is thicker than water.

Is water actually thicker than blood?

false, blood is thicker than water

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6 times thicker The viscosity of blood = 3-4 centipoise and the viscosity of water = 1 centipoise, so blood is 3 to 4 times thicker than water

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There is 2007 short (5 minutes) and a 2010 movie titled, Blood Is Thicker.

Why do some red substance come from female's vagina?

Its called blood!!it comes out wheb their on their period lol.

Can having a period make you thicker?

Yes it can make you "thicker". This is called bloating and is only water weight. It will go down once you are through with your period.

Is blood thicker than oil?

Yes. Because the Blood cells that float in blood are very mushie and oil is very thick.

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