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What is the thinner for epoxy paint?


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2012-11-01 05:49:04
2012-11-01 05:49:04

There are different kinds. The relevant one is always mentioned in the instructions on the side of the can.


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To a degree, but if you are concerned use lacquer thinner.

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Anything epoxy based, but be aware you will need epoxy thinner for clean up.

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No. Most paint thinner will not dissolve epoxy at all. However, many epoxies reach a stage where they can be peeled off just before they finally harden. Look for this happening and try to peel it.

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The way to remove epoxy depends on where the epoxy is. If it is on the skin a person can use vinegar or acetone to remove the epoxy. If the epoxy is dried onto a surface a person can use paint thinner or adhesive remover to get rid of the epoxy.

User Avatar can paint over epoxy pool paint with epoxy. Make sure the surface is degreased first.

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