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What is the three laws of series circuit?

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Voltage is additive

Resistance is additive

Current is common

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What are the laws governing series circuit?

nothing follows. . .

What are the three types of circuit?

the three types of circuits are series, parallel, and series-parallel.AnswerThere are, in fact, four types or categories of circuit, not three! These are series, parallel, series-parallel, and complex.The term 'complex' is somewhat misleading, because a 'complex circuit' is not necessarily complicated (although they often are!) but merely the collective name for any circuit that isn't series, parallel, or series-parallel. A simple example of a complex circuit is a bridge circuit, such as Wheatstone's Bridge.

What are three characteristics of series circuit?

The three characteristics of a series circuit are:The current flow is constant through out the circuitThere is voltage drop across across each component in the circuitThere is the linear flow of electrons

How do you calculate the joint resistance in a series circuit with three resistances?

The resistance of a series circuit is simply the sum of the individual resistors.

What is a disadvantage to using a series circuit?

In a series circuit, the circuit relies on all of its components in order for the circuit to be complete. Ergo, if a series circuit has three bulbs and one goes out, none of the bulbs will work because the electrical supply has been cut.

Difference between series and parallel circuits?

In a series circuit all of the current flows through the circuit. It is the same throughout. In a parallel circuit the current is split into the various branches. Check out Kirchhoffs' laws.

How many components arethere in a series parallel circuit?

Well, in order to have both a series part and a parallel part in your circuit,I'd say the circuit must have at least threecomponents.

How is a series circuit and a parallel circuit like their circuit names?

A series circuit is actually in series, but a parallel circuit, is Parallel

What are the laws governing the series circuits?

-- The sum of the individual voltage drops across each component in a series circuitis zero.-- The magnitude of the current is the same at every point in a series circuit.(with a tip of the hat to Prof. Kirchhoff)

In a series circuit of three bulbs adding another one will?

Do nothing. But in a parallel circuit, all the bulbs will get dimmer.

What happens in the series circuit of three bulbs if one bulb is removed?

The circuit is broken and all bulbs go out.

Are fluorescent lights on a parallel circuit or a series circuit?

series circuit

How many type of electric circuit?

There are basically two types of circuits: parallel and series. In a series circuit, current flows in one continuous straight path. In a parallel circuit, the current has more than one path to follow.AnswerThere are four categories of circuit, not two. These are 'series', 'parallel', 'series-parallel', and 'complex'. A 'complex circuit' describes any circuit not falling into the first three categories.

List three uses for a series circuit and three uses for a parallel circuit?

Christmas lights , house alarm , and house Christmas lights , house alarm , and house

What is a seiries circuit?

Series CircuitWe say Resistances are in series if the same current flows through all Resistances. A circuit containing of only series resistances is called a series circuit. A series circuit is a circuit that has the same intensity of current flow through its elements.

Where are series circuits in a computer?

A series circuit is a way of connection components of an electrical circuit. A circuit that is made up solely of components connected in a series is known as a series circuit.

What is a series curcuit?

Series circuit is a circuit consisting of components connected in series .In series circuit, same current flows through the components.

What kinds of circuits are there?

there are 2Series circuits and parallel circuitsFurther AnswerThere are, in fact, four categories of circuit: series, parallel, series-parallel, and complex. 'Complex' includes any circuit that's not one of the other three.Series and Parallel

How do you use series circuit in a sentence?

This project will require a parallel circuit, not a series circuit.

In series circuit why current drop beceause according to kichroff law cuurent remain same in series circuit?

In a series circuit current does stay the same thoughout the circuit, voltage drops in the series circuit.

Why current flow in series?

Because the circuit is a series circuit.

In a series circuit if there are three bulbs and one bulb breaks will they all go out?

Yes, they will.

What is total resistance in a circuit that contains three 60 resistors connected in series?


What is series circuit in a sentence?

John constructed a basic series circuit in physics class. The current in a series circuit goes through every component in the circuit.

How many paths are in a series circuit if there are three lamps?

It doesn't matter how many things there are in the circuit, or what they are.If it's really a series circuit, as you say, then there's only one single path through it.There's no point anywhere in the circuit where current has a choice of which wayto go.