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What is the ticker symbol for Advanced Micro Devices?

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The ticker symbol for Advanced Micro Devices is AMD and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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When was Advanced Micro Devices created?

Advanced Micro Devices was created in 1969.

What is the motto of Advanced Micro Devices?

The motto of Advanced Micro Devices is 'The future is fusion'.

What is the population of Advanced Micro Devices?

Advanced Micro Devices's population is 10.

What does amd stands for?

Advanced Micro Devices (Company name)

Who invented the AMD K6?

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

What does AMD stand for?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices

What does AMD means?

AMD (Processor) - Advanced Micro Devices

Who manufactures the AMD Athlon?

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), Inc.

Who is the major competitor of Intel in the processor market?

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

What is an AMD processor?

A microprocessor designed and manufactured by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

Who are the main computer processor manufacturers?

Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

What are the two major processor chip makers?

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

What does the company AMD stand for?

The company name AMD stands for, Advanced Micro Devices.

What are the three main manufacturers of CPU's?

Intel Corporation, Advanced Micro Devices, and Motorola Corporation.

How was AMD named?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. Sorry I don't know where this derives from.

When was the AMD founded?

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) was founded on May 1, 1969.

What is the full form of AMD in terms of Computers?

American Masterpieces Dance AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

Who is the maker of AMD Athlon 64?

AMD is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. located in Sunnyvale, California.

What is AMD platform?

A computing system incorporating an integrated circuit computer chip manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices.

Who is the parent company of athlon?

The Athlon is a CPU line made by a company called AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

What does a advance micro devices do?

The company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a large semiconductor company in the U.S. They create many computer components for both consumers and businesses. They are also regarded as the only true rival of Intel.

What is Advanced Micro Devices's population?

Advanced Micro Devices's population is 11,100.

What is the use of ATI?

ATi is a division of AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). They manufacture a wide range of integrated and dedicated graphics cards for personal computers.

What are the differences between ahtlon and Intel?

Athlon: Computer Chip developed by AMD( Advanced Micro Devices) Corporation. Intel: Integrated Electronics Corporation.

What is the symbol for Ingram Micro Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for Ingram Micro Inc. in the NYSE is: IM.

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