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The ticker symbol for Kimberly-Clark Corporation is KMB and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Q: What is the ticker symbol for Kimberly Clark Corporation?
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What is the symbol for Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the NYSE is: KMB.

What is ticker symbol for Huggies?

Huggies are made by Kimberly Clark so their is no ticker symbol for Huggies alone but you can invest in Kimberly Clark. Their ticker symbol is KMB and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the ticker symbol for Scott?

Scott (like the toilet paper brand) is owned by Kimberly-Clark, whose ticker symbol is KMB.

Where is Kimberly-Clark Corporation?

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is in Dallas

What is the market cap for Kimberly Clark Corporation KMB?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB) is $40,940,727,772.77.

When were Viva paper towel first introduced and by whom?

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation first introduced Viva brand paper towels. Kimberly-Clark was founded in 1872 by John Kimberly and Charles Clark.

What company does Thomas J. Falk work for?

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Huggies Stock market Symbol?

huggies is produced by Kimberly-Clark products so the symbol is KMB

What is the salary range of a Customer Service Representative employed with kimberly-clark corp?

The salary for a customer service representative at Kimberley-Clark is $25,000 per year. The Kimberly-Clark corporation is headquartered in Irving, TX.

Who made huggies diapers?

Kimberly-Clark Kimberly-Clark

When was Kimberly-Clark created?

Kimberly-Clark was created in 1872.

What is Kimberly-Clark's population?

Kimberly-Clark's population is 2,010.

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