What is the timbre of the song dandansoy?

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What is the meter of the song dandansoy?

The meter if Dandansoy is triple.

What is dandansoy?

Dandansoy is the name of a Visayan folk song. The popular Filipino song is about a boy named Dandansoy who the singer left when she went back home.

How do you describe the timbre of a song?

The timbre of a song is specifically referring to the emotions given off from the song

What is timbre in a song?

a timbre in a song is the tone colour or tone quality. Examples of Timbre: how does the song sound, is it sad and somber, or is it light and happy, or something in-between. is the musci peasing or is it harsh?

What is the timbre of a song?

The timbre in as song is the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

Who is the composer of the song dandansoy?

The song Dandansoy is Visayan folk song that was composed by Miss Fortunata Dioso Magsipoc of Culasi, Antique, Philippines,

What is the message of the song dandansoy?

what is the message of the dadansoy

What is the meaning of Dandansoy?

Dandansoy is a popular Filipino Visayan folk song. It is about a girl who leaves a boy to go back to her hometown.

What is the timbre throughout the song true blue?

The timbre is mellow, warm and resonant on all instruments.

What is the texture of the song dandansoy?

simply it is a polyphonic. please use your brains! whatever!

What is the history of Dandansoy?

Dandansoy is courtship dance from Negros Occidental. In its song, it depicts a story of a woman who goes home to Payao and tells her sweetheart to follow her in case he misses her.

What is the function of dandansoy lyrics?

dandansoy is originate from visayas

What are the lyrics of dandansoy in tagalog?

ko dandansoy ko dandandandandan

What is instrumental sound?

a timbre.The sound of the instruments sans the vocals in the song is called the instrumental sound of the song.

What is unified timbre?

Unified timbre is another meaning of the word harmony. When all persons singing, sing in harmony, the song is by far more pleasant to the listener.

What is visayan folksong?

Dandansoy Ilog nga bata

Who is the composer of visayan song dandansoy?

freddie aguilar Not fredie aguilar. dandansoy is a visayan fold song that preceds fredie aguilar (and aguilar is not a Visayan). Payao is a place in Binabagan, Negros Occidental. Posisbly the composer is fromt hat place or in central negors occidental

How do you pronounce timbre?

Timbre is pronounced TAM-BAR

What is the timbre of a snare drum?

it is a rough and enchanting timbre

What are the kinds of visayan instruments?

This is my answer - Visayan instrument is =Tulali (flute) =Kudyapi =Buktot (lutes) =Lantoy (clarinet) Song of Visayan Dandansoy ect.

What is the timbre of a guitar?

The timbre of a guitar is guitar timbre. I'm not sure you know what timbre is. It's the sound an instrument or voice has, so it can't be described, only heard. So, whichever guitar you have, the way it sounds is its timbre. On the same pitch your singing voice and your guitar, or your flute or whatever, sound different than each other, that difference is the timbre. Timbre cannot be described in numerical terms.

What is the kind of meter of bahay kubo?

the type of song according to its function is a ballad songthe timbre is head voice

What is the history of the folk song dandansoy?

dont know wala kayong kwenta di niyo masagot tanong ko tang ina kau

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