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As long as it takes and if they go delinquent they can literally follow you to your grave.

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Q: What is the time limit to pay off student loans?
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Do paid off student loans count towards the aggregate student loan limit?

yes and no but mainly no

Is there a limit to how many payday loans you can have?

As long as you are paying off your loan on time,you may have more loans from that company.

Can student loans cover off campus housing?

Yes, student loans can be used for off campus housing.

Can you go back to college if you have outstanding student loans?

If you want to qualify for financial aid, you cannot be in default of your loans or be at your aggragate limit. Otherwise, you'd have to pay off loans or pay out of pocket

How can you get assistance from your school to pay off debt from student loans?

There are many ways to pay off the debt from student loans. Unfortuneately, I am unaware of any ways for you to get help from your school in paying off these loans. There are some websites that can help you with paying off your student loans.

How do federal student loans hurt students more than help them?

Federal student loans are usually easier to pay off then loans from a bank or other source due to their low interest rate. However, they may hurt students more than help them because federal student loans, like all student loans, take a long time to pay off.

What makes student loans different from other types of loans?

Student loans often have far lower interest rates than regular loans, and payments can generally be deferred (put off) until you're out of school for a certain period of time.

Why are college students recommended to get part time jobs?

So that they can pay off their student loans.

How do I pay off my college student loans quickly?

This is the website that I found most helpful when looking for information on How do I pay off my college student loans quickly. here is the website

Wage garnished student loan paid off can you get another student loan?

Yes, if you paid off a Defaulted student loan and don't have any other defaulted student loans, then you are eligible to get new Federally Guaranteed student loans.

What is the typical length of student loans?

The length of time you have to pay off your student loans varies depending on the amount of the loan, your credit score, and other factors. You are free to pay off a loan as quickly as you want to, but some loans can take up to 30 years. Do your research before going into debt.

Can you apply for student loans as a student solely to pay off credit card debt?

No. Student loans must be administered by the college bursur and distrubuted according to the lenders instructions.

Can e2save help play off student loans?

The company of e2save can infact help any student pay off the loans that they have taken out for their college tuition and such, but their interest rates are high.

If you take the summer off do you have to start paying on your student loan?

As a general rule, no.Taking a regular semester off or dropping below half-time will put you in grace or repayment for all student loans.

How long does it take to pay back student loans?

Loan Calculators You can use this student loan payoff calculator to estimate how long it will take to pay off your student loans. Use this tool to determine how quickly you'll pay off your student loans. By making a higher monthly payment, you can shorten the length of your loan.

How do you get rid of student loans?

The only way to make student loans go away is to pay them off. Recent changes in bankruptcy laws makes it almost impossible for student loans to be discharged in a bankruptcy filing. Or simply avoid students loans, check out the Related Link.

How can I speed up paying off my student loans?

You can speed up paying off student loans by paying as much as you can every month or whenever. The quicker you pay it off the better. It's never good to delay the payments.

How can you get a grant to pay off your student loans?

Grants are awarded to students so they can afford a higher education, not to pay off existing studen loans.

How do you know how much you will get in refunds off student loans?

I'm not sure what your asking...student loans cost, they don't get money...nor do they provide any tax benefit.

Are there grants to help single mothers pay off student loans?

There are grants to help single mothers pay off their student loans. There are many grants on the federal, state, county, or city level that can help.

Can you join the military if you have defaulted student loans?

No, you cannot. If you join the military they may help pay off your student loans, but your loans must be in good standing and not in default in order to enlist in the military and qualify for such benefits.

Is there assistance to pay off existing student loans?

Yes there is some of assistance to pay off student loans; I would recommend going to Washington's higher education website for information on student loan repayment; Visit for more information.

Is a budding student better off refinancing their college loans or furthering their loaned studies?

A budding student would be better off furthering their loaned studies, since he or she has a higher then most chance of succeeding with the studies. A under performing student would be better off refinancing their college loans.

When you die does your spouse get to keep your house of does it go to pay off student loans?


Why are university students expected to get jobs in summer?

To pay off their student loans.