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What is the time period for comedia del arte?

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The time period of comedia del'arte was approx 15th century to the 18th century.

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What are the roles of actors in comedia del arte called?

Since most actor's in Comedia del Arte wore masks, they were later referred to as the "masks".

Who thought of comedia del' arte?

noone actually knows whos idea comedia dell arte was, it was started in the 14th century when the theatre was full of bad actors learning lines and stiffly coming out on stage to say them. in the theatre there was currently no excitement or humour and the street drama that sprung up around this period, offering everything the current theatre couldnt, this was where comedia dell arte started. as so many different productions started in so many different towns at the same time we cannot be sure of who actually started comedia dell arte. hope it helped :)

What has the author Elie Faure written?

Elie Faure has written: 'Les consturcteurs' 'A. Derain' 'Historia del Arte 1 - El Arte Antiguo' 'La danse sur le feu et l'eau' 'Historia del Arte 2 - El Arte Medieval' 'Histoire de l'art' 'History of art ..' -- subject(s): Art, History 'Regards sur la terre promise' 'Lamarck' -- subject(s): Biographies, Naturalistes 'La roue ..' 'Historia del Arte 4 - El Arte Moderno' 'Historia del arte' -- subject(s): Art, History 'History of art' -- subject(s): Art, History 'Regards sur la terre promise'

Why is a lazzi used in a commedia del arte show?

because its funny

What are comic servants in commedia del arte called?

As a group, they are called zanni.

What has the author M Alonso written?

M. Alonso has written: 'Ciencia del lenguaje y arte del estilo'

What actors and actresses appeared in Nostalgia de comedia muda - 1981?

The cast of Nostalgia de comedia muda - 1981 includes: Francisco Algora Alfonso del Real

Informacion en espaรฑol de articulos del arte taino?

bradobrado bradobrado

What has the author Francesco Riego written?

Francesco Riego has written: 'Arte del viandare'

What has the author Benedetto Menzini written?

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What has the author Enrique Murillo written?

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What has the author Luis Fenucci written?

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What has the author Serge Daney written?

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What has the author Estela Ocampo written?

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Where were the performances staged in Commedia Del Arte why?

Commedia Dell'arte was performed on city streets and sometimes performed on court stages.

What has the author William C Torres written?

William C. Torres has written: 'Chamanismo: Un Arte del Saber'

What actors and actresses appeared in Grandes maestros del arte popular - 1988?

The cast of Grandes maestros del arte popular - 1988 includes: Juana Becerril as herself Donato Lugo as himself Candelario Medrano as himself Teodoro Torres as himself Hemenegildo Vivanco as himself Jorge Wilmont as himself

What Florence's guilds formed the Opera del Duomo-the committee in charge of building a new cathedral?

arte dei giudici

What has the author Silvano Colombo written?

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