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Early 1980s for a period of one year

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In The House on Mango Street how long of a time period does the book cover?

one year

What were all the houses in the book The House On Mango Street?

"We didn't always live on Mango Street. Before that we lived on Loomis on the third floor, and before that we lived on Keeler. Before Keeler it was Paulina, and before that I can't remember. But what I remember most is moving a lot. Each time it seemed there'd be one more of us. By the time we got to Mango Street we were six-Mamma, Papa, Carlos, Kiki, my sister Nenny and me."-The House on Mango Street page 3 vignette 1 The House on Mango Street"

What time period does the book cover the house on mango st what year?

one year

The member of the House who has served in that body for the longest period of time is known as?

Dean of the House

Who was the Republican speaker of the house?

It depends on what time period you are refering to.

What time period was the mystery and melancholy of the street painted?

It was painted in 1914 in the style of Surrealism.

Can a woman's period sync up with another woman's period?

if the two women are in a house for a long period of time together, then yes, their boiological time colcks will sychroneyes and they will be on their period at almost or at the same time. hope this answers your question.

What can you make when using a mango?

Indian foood has some great mango recipes. Try Mango Lassi, a whipped mango and yogurt drink great this time of year, or a mango chutney ( like a relish). Just go on line.

When does mango tree release oxygen?

The mango tree releases oxygen during day time.

Where did Thrugood Marshall live during life time?

he lived in my house in the middle of the street

Can gerbils eat mango?

helll yeas i feed mine mango all the time and he loves it X3

Can mango be cut ahead of time?


What period of time was little house on the praire set?

In the late 1800's.

What time period was Little House on the Prairie based on?

The late 1800's

Why mango pickle does not get spoiled for a long time where as mango fruit gets in few days?

mango pickle contains preservatives like salt and oil . which preserve it from spoiling .

How long at a time can you use African Mango Extreme Detox?

How long at a time can you use African Mango Extreme Detox. 30-60-Days at a time are less. are on a day by day.

How far ahead of time can you cut a mango?


The last hot house or period of increased temperature occurred?

during the time of the dinosaurs

What were the dominant organisms living in the early quaternary time period?

it was the common house cat

What time period did doctors treat patients at the patients house?

up to the 1960's

What time period is the graff house on time tangled island?

The Graff House is where Thomas Jefferson stayed while writing the Declaration of Independence. On Time Tangled Island it is at 1776 AD, or 7 o'clock on the time device.

What time of year does the mango tree flower?

november to february

What time period was street theatre popular?

Street theatre has become popular between 1700 up to 1865. It was wherein traveling theatrical troupes performed on streets to entertain people.

Were is the graff house on poptropica?

It is the house where Thomas Jefferson stayed while writing the declaration of independence so it is in the Thomas Jefferson time period

How long do you have to wait to rent out house after occupants move out?

you dont have to wait any period of time, just make sure that the house is clean