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Q: What is the time travel from Montreal to Vancouver?
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What ist the time difference between Montreal and Vancouver?

Montreal is in the Eastern Time Zone and Vancouver is in the Pacific Time Zone. If it is 10PM in Montreal, it is 7PM in Vancouver. This is in Standard Time.

Did Beatles travel from Montreal to Vancouver on air Canada?


Did the Beatles travel from Vancouver to Montreal on Air Canada?


What is the time difference between Vancouver and Montreal?

Three hours. If it was 3 pm in Vancouver it would be 6 pm in Montreal.

How long to travel from Montreal to Tokyo?

15 hours 6hours MTL to Vancouver and 9 hours Vancouver to Narita airport (tokyo)

What is travel time from Boston MA to Montreal by car?

What is travel time from Boston MA to Montreal by car?

In which country are the cities of Montreal and Vancouver?

The cities of Montreal and Vancouver are in Canada.

How many hours is Montreal ahead of Vancouver?

Montreal is three hours ahead of Vancouver.

Which is colder - Vancouver or Montreal?

Montreal has colder winters Vancouver has colder summers

Which is colder Vancouver or Montreal?

Montreal because Vancouver is next to the Pacific ocean with warm currents which makes Vancouver slightly warmer then what it's supposed to be.

What is Canada busiest port in the country?

Montreal and Vancouver are the busiest, Montreal v Europe and Vancouver v Asia

Can you fly direct from Vancouver BC to Morocco?

No, but you can fly Vancouver, Montreal then Montreal, Casablanca or in peak seasons British Airways will fly Vancouver to London then London to Casablanca.

Did the beatles travel from Vancouver to Montreal economy by air Canada?

False. Wax replicas were shipped economy class in 1965 to the Ville Marie Was Museum in Montreal. The flight attendants pretended they were the real thing.

Driving distance from Montreal to Vancouver?

The driving distance from Montreal, QC, Canada to Vancouver, WA, USA is 2954.8mi / 4755.29km

Which city is farther north Montreal Quebec or Vancouver?


Where is a dunkin donuts in Vancouver?

There are no Dunkin' Donuts stores in Vancouver, Canada. There are four stores in Montreal and another store in Montreal South Shore.

VANCOUVER or Montreal to study during the summer?

Definitly Montreal Tabarnak!

What is the best way to travel in Canada?

Personally I think the best way is to travel the east part first, visit Niagara falls, Toronto , Montreal, quebec and the maritime provinces (travel by car) and then take a flight to Vancouver - visit Vancouver, Vancouver island and the Canadian rockies on the west (also by car) Yiu can check out some of my Canada traveling tips below - Have Fun - Canada is Amazing

What is the air travel time from Vancouver to Australia?

6hours and30minutes

Is Montreal bigger than Vancouver?

Montreal is bigger than Vancouver. Montreal has a land mass of 167 square miles and is the second most populous metropolitan area in Canada while Vancouver has a land mass 44 square miles and is the third most populated metropolitan area in Canada.

Which province and territories will you travel through or over to get from Montreal to Vancouver?

After leaving Quebec you would pass through Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and end in British Columbia.

How long would it take from Vancouver to Montreal?

4hr 43min Vancouver (YVR) to Montreal Dorval (YUL) by a nonstop flight operated by Air Canada or Westjet Airlines.

How many time zones are there between Halifax and Vancouver?

Vancouver is in the Pacific time zone. Halifax is in the Atlantic time zone. In between the two zones (from west to east) are 3 time zones: Mountain (e.g. Calgary), Central (e.g. Regina), and Eastern (e.g. Montreal).

How long isflight from Montreal to Vancouver?

That depends on the number of stops your flight makes along the way. A non-stop flight from Montreal to Vancouver takes roughly six hours.

Distance Montreal to Vancouver?

2805 miles