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zero degrees top dead center with an idle speed of 5-10 mph

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Q: What is the timing mark and idle speed for a 1991 Camaro 3.1 V-6?
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What is the RPM speed recommended for setting the timing on 1991 mustang 5.0?

Timing and idle setting maybe computer controlled and not adjustable. If they are adjustable should be 825-850 RPM

How do you set idle speed for a 1991 Chevy beretta?

The idle speed is set at the factory and is NOT adjustable.

Will engine timing affect idle speed?


What is the ideal idle speed or a 1991 Toyota landcruiser?

The idle speed for a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser with the 4.0 3FE engine should be set at 650+- 50 RPMs. This is adjusted by the screw just above the throttle position sensor on the middle of the intake plenum. I have a 1991 LC and this is where I adjust after the timing is set.

How do you adjust timing on a 1985 Pontiac 305 when idle is off?

There is a idle screw on the throttle linkage on the carb that you can turn to increase the idle speed and then hook up your timing light to check the timing.

At what RPM should your truck be when timing it?

Idle speed is normal.

What is the timing on an 84 v6 Camero?

There is a sticker under the hood that tells what to set the timing to and at what idle speed.

How do you adjust fast idle and curb idle on 1991 cheyenne 305?

try adjusting the ignition timing(or getting a mechanic to do it)

What should the timing be set at on a Mazda millinia s 2.3?

under the hood there should be a white sticker with idle speed and timing on it you cannot set timing and idle on a 2.3. all that is controlled by the pcm

What is the correct idle on a 1991 Chevrolet Camaro with a 305 TPI V8?

The idle is preset and controlled by the Idle Air Control Motor. You may have a dirty throttle plate that could cause a problem.

What is the timing setting for a 1984 Cadillac eldorado?

1982-1985 ..ht4100 (4.1L) timing 10 degrees BTDC in park idle speed is non-adjustable 1982-1985 .. 307 (5.0L) timing is 20 degrees BTDC@ 1100rpm idle speed is non-adustable

How do you adjust idle speed for a 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

This vehicle is probably fuel injected, and there are no provisions for idle adjustment.

What would cause your 1991 Chevy Camaro v6 to idle erratic between 2000 and 2500 RPM?

Driver error.

How do you get the idle to go down in a 1993 Chevy z28 camaro?

The idle speed is computer controlled on a LT1 engine. If it is a little high, try checking for vacuum leaks.

Idle speed adjustment for a 1991 Chevy cheyene pickup?

replace the ecm

How do you set the timing and idle speed on fuel injected?

Most late model engines have fixed (non adustable) timing and idle speed adjustments. If there is a problem with either, it's probably related to an input signal to your car's on board engine management computer.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a 1989 Toyota truck with a V6?

You shouldn't. The idle speed is set at the fatory. Instead look into testing your TPS and VAM. Check timing and and test O2 sensor.

What is ignition timing and idle speed specs for a 1972 Chevy 350?

A general number for timing is around 10 but that can change based on the engine setup. The idle speed also depends on the set up but its about 900-1000 and 700-800 in gear with a stock engine.

What is the correct timing for a 1985 Nissan Maxima?

Ignition Timing degree B.T.D.C at idle speed 20 degree plus or minus 2 degree

Need ignition timing and idle speed specs for a 1985 Chevy 350?

I know the timing is 6 degrees Before TDC but I don't know what the idle RPM is.. I'm trying to find that myself right now...

What causes the idle to be low rough and miss after replaced the timing belt on a 98 Honda 5 speed manual crv?

Computer needs to re-learn the idle. Spark plugs are bad. Valves are not properly gapped. Adjust Idle Speed on Throttle body.

Where do you set the idle on a 1991 dodge cummins pick up?

You will want an idle speed between 750 and 900 rpm with the ac on and in gear (if auto).You will want an idle speed between 750 and 900 rpm with the ac on and in gear (if auto).

Where is the idle adjustment screw on a 1994 Camaro your car is not passing emissions inspection in NC and is idling above 1500 rpm?

There is no idle adjustment screw as the idle speed is controlled by the computer. Excessivly high idle is most likely caused by and intake manifold leak, or a bad idle air control valve.

How do you set idle speed on a 300m chrysler?

Idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable.Idle speed is computer controlled and is not adjustable.

How do you adjust idle speed on 2010 sebring?

Idle speed is PCM controlled and is not adjustable.Idle speed is PCM controlled and is not adjustable.