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What is the timing on a 93 Geo Metro?


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On the 3 cylinder model the firing order is 1-3-2

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Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

can someone tell me how to adjust timing on a geo metro 1996

electronic ignition on the 93, no controll. just set your timing.

need to know how to set the timing marks on a 1993 Geo Metro?

The timing marks on a 1993 Geo Metro are located on the on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. They must be aligned together to ensure proper initial timing.

Was told a 93 Geo Metro with high miles should us 10W30.

If the timing belt breaks the engine will just stop.No other damage will happen,there is clearance between the valves and the pistons.This happened to me. And I just rebuilt my 93 Geo convertible it had over 255,000 mi. It is a great little engine

The headlamp switch is on the turn signal stalk.

my book says 5 degrees BTDC

It should. To better check, go to local parts store and check the Haines should be for both Geo Metro and Geo Storm, just check that is bolts up the same.

Turn the distributer to the right very slightly

Take off the screws that hold it on?

That depends on whether you're lining up 2 timing belt pulleys to the timing marks or lining up water pump/alternator/crankcase pulleys Mr Geo Metro

Yes, if it's a 3 cylinder sounds like timing belt has slipped so crank and rocker arm are out of sink(timing). get a book from auto parts store , will tell you how to check

General Motors A Geo Metro is a Cheverolet geo and Chevy metro are both made by suzuki in Canada

The geo metro is by far is the best v8 car.

# 1 is closest to the timing belt and furtherest from the transmission.

do you mean the PCV valve? the PCV valve is located in the intake manifold

No they will not fit. after 1994 the Geo Metro developed a new more curved body system. You can use a 1989 - 1994 Geo Metro door though.

A 1993 Geo Metro has two fuse boxes. One fuse box, that has the relays in it, is under the hood and the other fuse box is under the dash next to the driver side door.

Probably computer controlled and not adjustable

The geo metro was a version of the Suzuki Cultus that was produced from 1989-2001. The geo metro came with a 49 horsepower engine.

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