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== == BMW does not recommend tire rotation. The BMW shop manual states: The tread wear patterns at the front end

differ from those at the rear - the actual

patterns will vary according to individual

driving conditions. In the interests

of safety and maintaining optimal

handling characteristics, BMW does not

recommend tire rotation.

If you feel you must rotate the tires, they can only be rotated from front to back and back to front. This is because the tire flexes a certain way when on one side of the car, and a different way when on the other side. This difference causes the tire to wear a certain way when driven on one side of the vehicle and may adversely affect the handling (not dangerously, just not BMW perfect) when rotated to the other side. Please note that if your X5 has staggered tires (different size tires and/or wheels on the front vs the rear), then you should not perform any tire rotation at all.

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Q: What is the tire rotation pattern on a BMW X5?
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