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Department of public safety

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Q: What is the title of the chief law enforcement agency in Texas?
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What is the title of the chief law enforcement agency in Oklahoma?

The chief of police is the highest form of law enforcement in Oklahoma. This is true in almost every other state as well.

What is the mayor us law enforcement agency?

Cities have majors, and in most cities, the major is the head of the local police.Another View: There is NO SUCH title as the "Mayor of Law Enforcement!"You are mixing your titles and/or understanding of the political and administrative makeup of municipalities and their police departments.Political jurisdictions (villages, towns, municipalities, cities, etc) have MAYORS who are the political heads of the executive branch of local government.Police Departments are headed by someone who (customarily) holds the title of CHIEF. The actual rank of the Chief of Police holds within his department is immaterial, but one thing is certain, he is never referred to as the "Mayor" of Police.

If you have title and x has quad how do you get quad back?

Go to your local law enforcement agency - show them the legal title and report it stolen. If the other party has no signed contract or lien on the quad, they must surrender it to you or be charged with theft.

What does it take to open a title company in Texas?

1. Title Company = Actual insurance company ie: Underwriter 2. Title Agency = Agent of the Title Company providing title insurance products and escrow/settlement services. A title COMPANY is highly regulated by state law in any state. Contact the Texas Department of Insurance as follows: Texas Department of Insurance Title Division (MC 106-2T) P.O. Box 149104 Austin, Texas 78714-9104 Fax: 512-305-7426 To open an AGENCY, you must obtain an Abstracting Plant, which is very costly. The Texas Underwriting Manual can be found at: The Rate Manual can be found at: Additionally, contact the Texas DOI for additional licensing requirements:

Which is proper chief of staff or Chief of Staff?

Chief of Staff is a proper title.

How do you title a California title car in Texas?

take the car to Texas and register it there

What is the title of the chief official of the supreme court?

Chief Justice.

What is the title of he chief official of the supreme court?

The Chief Justice

What does it take to open a title agency in Indiana?

Indiana is an open primaryThe loan agency can't take his name off of the title

Is the word chief capitalized?

The word chief is capitalized when used in a formal title, such as Commander in Chief or Fire Chief.

What happens if the attorney makes a title mistake?

If the attorney was hired to give you a LEGAL opinion of title but was not the title examiner/reader for the issuing title agency, then it becomes a legal matter which would fall under malpractice. If the attorney is covered by the Closing Protection Letter and/or either owned the title agency or is employed by the title agency, his/her acts may be covered by the Owner's Policy. A claim with the title underwriter for negligence of title examination or opinion on title cannot be filed if the attorney was a third party, not acting in behalf of the title agency/underwriter. The qualifier to the question is as to whether the attorney was also acting on behalf of the agency/underwriter. In many states, the attorney cannot be representing your interests as well at the agency's.

What is the title of the president?

Commander in chief

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