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The tonic minor (or parallel minor) of a flat major is a flat minor.

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Q: What is the tonic minor of a flat major?
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Related questions

What is the tonic minor of G flat major?

The enharmonic tonic minor of G flat major is F sharp minor because they both start on the same note hence enharmonic

What are relative major and minor?

Relative major and minor share the same key signature but a different tonic note (a tonic note is the first note of the scale or in solfege tonic is DO). For example, D flat major has five flats in it's key signature and b flat minor has 5 flats in it's key signature; therefore, D flat major and b flat minor are relative.

What is the tonic minor of E major?

E is the tonic of E major so therefore the tonic minor is just E minor

What is the tonic of E flat major?

The tonic of E flat major is E flat. Its dominant is B flat and its subdominant is A flat.

What is the fundamental note of a chord?

The most important note of a chord is the tonic, followed by the third and the seventh, as they are what determines the quality of the chord (i.e. Major, minor, diminished etc.) Actually, the 7th only comes into play if it's a chord that includes the 7th. A major chord is the tonic, third, and fifth. A minor chord is the tonic, flat third, and fifth. A diminished chord is the tonic, flat third, and flat fifth. None of those chords (also several others) include the 7th.

Is the tonic chord a major or minor chord?

It is a major chord. Actually, tonic is simply defined as the first note in the scale or key. All chords have tonic note. The tonic of a C chord is the C. The tonic of a C minor chord is a C. The tonic of a C minor major 7 is a C.

What is the tonic in the B flat major scale?

The tonic of Bb Major is Bb.

What is the first note of a major or minor scale?

The first note of a major or minor scale is called the tonic note. For example: for C major, the first note (or tonic note) is C; for a minor, the first note (or tonic note) is a.

Why is the relative minor of b flat c sharp?

It isn't. The tonic of the relative minor is a minor third below the tonic of the major scale. C major and A minor, G major and E minor, for example. Harmonically speaking, B flat minor is the relative minor of D flat major.While the tones of C sharp and D flat are indistinguishable in equal temperament, the representations of their scales on a score are not the same at all. So it means something to keep from mixing the sharps and flats when dealing with standard harmony. The relative minor of C sharp major would be A sharp minor, a very odd key to be sure, since it includes three notes that are each double-sharped. Why bother? Stay with the flat alternatives.

What is the tonic of g flat major?

G flat

What is the tonic major of c minor?

C major

What is the major scale with A flat as the tonic?

Ab Major

What is the difference between Fmajor and Dminor?

The difference is that F major's tonic is F and D minor's tonic is D. Most songs and pieces end either with the tonic of the key signature or a chord with the tonic. Both have a key signature of 1 flat and all the notes are the same except that in D minor the C is raised (incidentally) to C sharp.

What is the relative minor in A flat major?

A flat major is the relative minor of F minor.

What guitar chords are in b flat?

E flat major F major G minor C minor A flat major D minor C major

What is the tonic note of a g flat scale?

The tonic note of any diatonic scale is the first note (starting note) of the scale. In the case of G-flat major the tonic note is G-flat!

What is the parallel minor for the key of E major?

Parallel major and minor keys have the same tonic pitch. Therefore, E minor is the parallel minor of E Major.

What is a tonic triad of E flat major in piano?

b major

What is the relative major for b flat minor?

The relative major for B flat minor is C sharp major (also known as D flat major).

What is B flat major transposed up a minor third?

Transposed up a minor third, B flat major becomes D flat major.

What is the first note of a major or minor scale called?

The Tonic

What is a series of eight pitches can be major or minor?

Tonic, supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant, leading note, tonic again..

What is the super tonic of b flat major?

C natural

What is the scale degree of C?

It depends on which key. It's the tonic in C major/minor, the 2nd in Bb major/minor, the 3rd in Ab major and A minor, the 4th in G major/minor, the 5th in F major/minor, the 6th in Eb major and E minor, and the 7th in Db major and D natural minor.

What is the super tonic of e flat major?

The supertonic is the second note of a scale, so the supertonic of E-flat major is F.