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What is the top 5 scariest movies?


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September 15, 2011 11:01AM

I don't know for sure , but i do know exocist was rated top scariest movie of all time , well in America , apperntly people were haveing fits in the cinema when the went to see , allthough i saw it and was rather disopointed even the head spin was extremly disapointing , how gulibal ! any way heres the list.


2.Grudge 2

3.Grudge 3

4.Halloween 1 , 2 (depends really)

5.Freddy grueger films ( for goory deaths , numba 2 i would say ^_^

Have fun , and don't go watching grudge 3 if u got a heart condition xD hahaa

from maria Blair , hope this helps for a good night scream ofone , rent them i recomend them ;-) :-)-~