What is the top speed of 1997 turbo eagle talon?

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137 MPH
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How do you install a turbo in a 1992 eagle talon?

Answer . \nIf it is a non turbo DSM go here, but I recommend just buying a different car unless you have a lot of time and money.\n. \nhttp://www.angelfire.com/il2/freestyle/turboconversion.html\n. \nor\n. \nhttp://www.dsmtuners.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48231

How do you turn on the turbo on an eagle talon turbo?

Answer . You push on the gas pedal.. Answer . There are many reasons why it may not be functioning so you have to start troubleshooting. Start out with simple solutions like checking to make sure that the turbo is functioning and then move onto more complex ones like clogged turbo lines, or hol ( Full Answer )

How to change a belt on a 1997 Eagle Talon?

matters which belt u wanna change if its the alternator belt loosen the altenater and take of the belt watch how it comes off and put the new one on the same way after that tighten the belt back up and that's it if its the timing belt get some one who is mechanicly inclined to do it cause if u do it ( Full Answer )

What causes the turbo lag on a 91 eagle talon And can it be fixed?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nWhen you press on the accellerator, combustion gas creates more exhaust pressure. The rise in exhaust pressure increases the speed of the turbo, thereby increasing the intake pressure, which is the turbo boost. You will not be able to benefit from turbo boost until the tur ( Full Answer )

How do you time a 1991 non-turbo Eagle Talon?

I just had to do this in order to replace my water pump. If you're not mechanically inclined I'd strongly suggest you have someone certified set the timing. Since then my 91 talon revs up and down as long as it's running. I just bought an Idle Control Valve. I hope this will fix the surging. There ( Full Answer )

What is the factory turbo for a 1995 eagle talon Tsi?

"g15 i think, or g21. just up gread it and put in a evo 3 turbo same size as stock but has more hp". ......no the factory turbo is a T-25 on the second gen, on the first gen it is a 14B.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1990 eagle talon turbo?

Check under vehicle along frame rail or in front of fuel tank -- follow fuel lines. Answer . Check under vehicle along frame rail or in front of fuel tank -- follow fuel lines. the fuel filter is located on the fire wall close to the passenger side of the car.there is a fuel line that comes of ( Full Answer )

How do you unseize a 90' eagle talon turbo?


Can a 1995 eagle talon non turbo be swapped with a 1995 eagle talon turbo engine?

Yes both motors are the same except for the turbo and the pluming for the turbo.The front pipe maybe different also. the engines are not the same on the non turbo car the engine is on the right side and on the the turbo engine is on the left side of the car i have done the swap you have to change ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a stock 1992 eagle talon?

1993 eagle talon top speed 2.0L My FWD 1993 Eagle Talon ES (2.0L DOHC) would go 124mph going straight and flat, no wind. With the benefit of a tail wind, I've had it up to 127mph. That's drag limited and all it's got. This is in 5th gear; shifting into 4th slows the car down as the revs are too hig ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a stock 93 eagle talon awd?

Answer mine went up to 233ish on straight and more than 240 on downhill but dash stoped . 220 on a straight stretch, over 240 down hill with good tires. you'll want Z quality if you go any faster than about 240

How do you change the transmission fluid in 1997 eagle talon?

"Remove the transmission oil pan for filter access" While that is a step you COULD take it's not the proper one. A proper trans service does include changine the filter and the fluid, but it also includes flushing and conditioning. This typically takes special equipment for a job done right. I woul ( Full Answer )

How much boost does a stock Eagle Talon turbo get?

Answer . I believe it is in the ball park of 14 to 15 psi of boost. That is what my turbo talon run.. Edit:. A stock 1g DSM (Talon eclipse laser) has it set at 9-12 PSI. while the stock gauge says 14 sometimes it should not be trusted. get a aftermarket boost gauge and find out yourself

Does a 1997 eagle talon have rear defrost?

Yes.. Yes, on the dash there should be a button with a picture of a square with lines going through it when you push it the light will turn on and should work right away.

On a 1991 eagle talon tsi awd turbo what is the stock horsepower and the top speed?

the talon tsi creates 210 horsepower and does not top 200 mph!!! ot maxes like 147. After 100 mph the power really goes away because of the awd. It is fast for the money but not my ride i dont know the complete difference betwen the years but my 1996 Talon tsi awd is stock 210 hp, and tops at 130mp ( Full Answer )

How do you remove turbo from 96 eagle talon. is it difficult?

No its quite simple, standing in front of the car looking into the engine bay look DOWN and you will see the exhaust manifold/turbo (mostly covered by a head shield...) remove the heat shield if need be. Now 4 bolts 14mm hold the turbo onto the manifold and 2 bolts 14 or 17mm i cant rememeber hold t ( Full Answer )

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1997 eagle talon?

It should be right above the upper arm of the clutch pedal. You should see a button that is pressed behind the arm and a green and black wire running up above the pedal and a white connector. Squeeze it to unplug. I read some saying you need to close the circuit with a wire on the adapter that leads ( Full Answer )

Where is the fuel relay located on a 2.0L turbo Eagle Talon?

If the car is a 90 to 94 it will be below the radio on the right side has two 8mm/phillips screws that hold it to the metal bracket, I removed my console panel on the right side and the whole center console,this makes the mfi relay and the ecu on these cars easy to get to. 95-99 pull right side p ( Full Answer )

Where is the turbo located on a 1992 eagle talon?

uh there's a manifold on the front of the motor that's your turbo manifold and the turbo's connected to that it's the easiest part to spot other than the motor and intake your intake goes into it

What size turbo is in 1992 eagle talon?

Mitsubishi 14b turbos were put into these cars until 1995 when the Garrett t-25 (smaller spooled faster but less HP) was installed.

What is theTop speed of eagle talon tsi?

"i have had mine up to 150 miles per hour and still had more power to go and its stock vin code 6" Curious, since the speedo ends at 140. The estimated top speed is 140, MFGR claim.

1991 ealge talon non turbo top speed?

it depends if you have the 1.8or the 2.0. The 1.8 is only 90 something HP and wont get you going all that fast. but the 2.0 is like 135 HP and is pretty quick. so more info please

Speed odmeter stopped working in your 1997 eagle talon?

its your speed sensor its located on the back of your transmission near the fire wall.you can get one off of eBay for round 29 bucks or go to the dealer and pay 200 your call.i put a used one in mine for the 29 and it works great.

Why is the transmission slipping on your 1997 eagle talon?

There could be a number of reasons, from low transmission fluid, to a worn clutch, to internal problems. Since i don;t know what you have I would recommend taking it to a reputable service shop and letting them look at it.