What is the top speed of a house cat?

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A domestic cat can reach speeds of around 30/31 miles per hour.
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What is the top speed of the arctic cat DVX 400?

The DVX is a Z400 clone as well as the kfx. If you look at the frame the all say made by suzuki on them. As for the top speed they say 65 mph, but my Z400 stock toped out at a

Top three house cats?

It depends what you are asking. The most common is the Domestic Shorthair/Longhair, otherwise known as "moggies".

What is the top speed of an Arctic Cat ZR 800?

I have an 02 ZR 800. The speedometer only goes to 100 mph. When on a long flat groomed trail or on Lake Erie I have buried the speedometer to the point that it goes straight d
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What are the top 10 smartest house cats?

The ten most intelligent cat breeds are the Abyssinian, Bengal,Burmese, Cornish Rex, European Burmese, Scottish Folds, Siamese,Singapura, Tonkinese, and Turkish Van cats.
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What is the top speed for a arctic cat 550 trv?

The top speed of a 2012 Arctic Cat 550GT TRV is approximately 62 mph on a hard packed surface. If a top speed run is done on loose gravel or sand an approximately 52-54 mph to