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35 mph

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Q: What is the top speed of a tiger?
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Related questions

Top speed of a white tiger?

their top speed is around 35 mph

Speed of a white tiger?

top speed is 35.00 mph

What is the top speed of a saber-toothed tiger?

ludicrous speed!

What is the top speed of a Sumatran tiger?

a sumatran tiger can run at 35 to 45 per hour

What the top speed of a tiger running?

Depending on the individual Tiger, between 55 and 60 kph, but only for very short bursts, unlike the ability of a Cheetah to sustain top speed (110 - 120 kph).

How fast can a tiger run mph?

35-40 miles per hour, but only for short distances.

What is the tiger run?

it is a four legged run done by humans at a great speed. the creator of this run is only 15. the top speed he reached was 30 mph

Who is faster a lion or a tiger?

Bengal tigers live in rain forests, and in sparse forests were it can hide, stalk, and trap its prey; so speed is not always necessary. Top speed 35mph.A Siberian tiger cant hide in the cold tundra, so it needs speed to chase its prey.Top speed: 50 mph.A lion lives in the hot Savannah were it cant hide, so it needs speed to chase its prey. Top speed:50 mph.

Tiger Woods 6 iron swing speed?

Tiger Woods' average swing speed is 125mph Tiger Woods' average swing speed is 125mph

Is tiger top the same with red top?

No, a tiger top tube is different from a tube with a plain red top.

I know of the Tiger 1 tank but is the King Tiger the same tank as a King Tiger 2 tank or was there a third Tiger tank by Germany in World War 2?

There was only two tigers, the tiger 1, which was very powerful and armourd but slow. The king tiger, twice the power and armore, but was twice as slow. The Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 had the same top road speed. Go to Wikipedia for more info.

What is the speed of a saber-toothed tiger?

The sabretooth or Smilodon was a heavily built cat, and was almost certainly less fleet than lions and tigers. Top speed was probably aound 25-30 mph.

Which tiger can run up to 50 MPH over the snow if they want to?

No, snow slows them down, and their top speed is only 35 on level ground.

Which would win in a fight a grizzly or a tiger?

A tiger because it has a speed advantange

How many miles can a tiger run?

tiger maxuim speed 50 or 60 miles

What is a average speed for a tiger?


What was titanic top speed?

what was the titanic top speed

What was Secretariat's top speed in mph?

his top speed was ~49 mph.

What is the the koenigseggs top speed?

Top speed: 275 km/h The top speed of the Koenigsegg CCX is 418km/h.

What is the top speed of a virgin pendolino?

the top speed of a virgin pendolino unlimited is 140mph with the limiter on the top speed is 125mph

What is Tiger Woods club head speed?

Tiger's average is between 120 to 125 mph

Are Lamborghinis faster than the Ford GT?

The Ford GT boasts a Top speed of 205 mph while the Lamborghini's rank in as follows: 350GT - Top speed 150 mph 350 GTV - Top speed 170 mph 450 GT 2+2 -Top speed 160 mph Muira - Top speed 179 mph Espada - Top speed 179 mph Islero - Top speed 154 mph Jarama - Top speed 150 mph Urraco -Top speed 140 mph Countach -Top speed 183 mph Silhouette -Top speed 160 mph Jalpa -Top speed 150 mph LM002 -Top speed 130 mph Diablo -Top speed 210 mph Murclelago -Top speed 219 mph Gallardo -Top speed 190 mph Reventon - Top speed 221 mph So as you can see, only three models of Lamborghini are faster than the Ford GT.

What is top speed of 2001 Ford F150?

The top speed of the 2001 Ford F150 top speed can be from 105 mph to 155mph.

What is the running speed of a tiger?

35 mph

What is the average speed of a tiger?

50 mph

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