What is the top speed of mustang 2010?

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What is the top speed for a 1988 GT mustang?

About 140-155 Road and Track and many other magazines topped the GT out at 138mph. It should be more but fifth gear in the five speed is to tall for 225hp. With tighter gearing it will increase or if you modify to over 300 wheel horse power fifth will become very usable. If you have an auto trans ( Full Answer )

What is the average speed of a spanish mustang?

There is a average speed it is around 10-15 mph. If this seems slow. Some Spanish Mustangs run faster because they are trained to be a race horse. There are some other reasons like : They could be light while they run that makes them faster. They are very strong and fast Spanish Mustangs.

How much is the 2010 mustang?

the 2010 mustang has not been released yet so therefore it is PRICELESS... 09 models were just released around july. Update: Expect the 2010 version to be out sometime soon (I work at a Ford dealership and we have some on order hopefully arriving in April), the price will not change very much fr ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS?

The 2010 Camaro SS is electronically limited to 155mph. Attempting to accelerate beyond that will cause the engine computer to shut off the fuel supply. The L99 and LS3 engines used in the automatic and manual transmission versions of this car (respectively) are already known entities, and it shoul ( Full Answer )

What is the top fuse for in a 1966 mustang?

The power top on a 66 Mustang convertible doesn't have a fuse. There is a circuit breaker attached to the hot side of the starter solenoid with a wire that goes to the switch on the dash, and the wiring goes from the switch to the pump/motor assembly that is mounted between the trunk and the rear se ( Full Answer )

What is Top speed of an 2006 mustang gt?

i am not a real specialist but i would guess about 320 km/h if u take it to the limit. i am not a real specialist but i would guess about 320 km/h if u take it to the limit. I have had mine up to about 150mph and was still accelerating. I have a 62mm throttle body, bbk headers, performance coils, ( Full Answer )

What is 5.0 mustang top speed?

180mph? Depends on what year. It its the new one I believe theyhave a governor @155, though they should hit 165+ with just over400hp. If you mean the 87-93 Fox body most magazines from the period say138mph. It should be higher but fourth gear is all used by 140 andfifth is too tall for a 215-225hp ( Full Answer )

What is the sticker price for a 2010 MUSTANG?

The MSRP price on a non-convertible 2010 Mustang is. V6 Base 20,995 V6 Premium 23,995 GT base 27,995 GT Premium 30,995. The MSRP price on convertible 2010 Mustang is. V6 Base 25,995 V6 Premium 28,995 GT base 32,995 GT Premium 35,995

2009 v6 mustang top speed?

Electronically limited to around 110-113MPH. After those speeds the stock driveshaft might get a little screwy and shatter. Although if you took the governor off I've heard they will do 130-140mph! With a new Driveshaft, Coldair intake and a Tuner you should also see improvements.

Who invented the 2010 Mustang GT?

The first mustang GT was created by http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/J._Frank_Dobie in 1960, and Ford has continued making newer models of this and so the answer is Ford.

Where is the fuse box in 2010 mustang?

According to the owners manual , the fuse panel is in the passenger area , behind the. kick panel . You open a trim panel door and then remove a cover panel to access the. fuses

Top speed for a 01 mustang cobra with 4.10 gears?

I believe that would be almost 120 MPH / 195 KM/H in 4th gear at the 7000 RPM. fuel shut off. ( stock gears being 3.27 , top speed in 4th gear 150 MPH / 242 KM/H with stock tire. size 245 /45/17 according to the 2001 Ford Mustang SVT supplement for the owners. manual )

How can you get a high speed on Mustang GT?

Well just put on first gear and do a burnout. You will get a headstart. Your speed will be at 60 km/h. Then continue this step. You will be fast!!!

What is the 2010 mustang saleen price?

Which Saleen? The SMS 460 runs about $65,000 and the SMS 460x about $86,000 if you want the top to drop and the wind in your hair add $5,000 for a convertible.

What is the price of 2010 Ford Mustang?

Price range is $20,995 to $35,995 depending on model. If you are looking for a specialty Mustang like a Roush the price is in the $80,000 range.

What is faster 2010 Camaro or mustang?

Here are some answers/opinions from different users: The Mustang is faster than the Camaro. Whether it be the V6 enginesor the GT/SS V8 models. The Ford Mustang GT has a 0-60 mph time of4.3 seconds. The Camaro SS has a 0-60 mph time of 4.7seconds. It depends on the year. The 2011+ Mustang GT is a ( Full Answer )

The maximum speed of a mustang?

The same thing dictates a Mustang's top speed as every other car. It all depends on horsepower/torque, weight, aerodynamics, and gearing. Since the Mustang has always had multiple engine and gearing options, there simply isn't one answer. It all really does depend on what each individual car has in ( Full Answer )

How much HP does a 2010 Mustang have?

The 4.0L V6 engine only produces 212 horsepower. The GT high-performance 4.6L V8 engine produces 315 horsepower. If you go to the top-of-the-line Shelby GT500, superchargered 5.4L V8 540hp/510ft-lbs.

How do you remove the top speed limiter on a 2010 Toyota Tundra?

I heard some people remove a fuse which will kill many things including the speed limiter but that isn't really safe. The better solution is to get a unichip which would in the same time add some horsepower as well as removing the speed limiter

What is the fastest speed for a mustang?

well a supersnake stock c/m will reach up to 210mph but the a twinscrew supercharger will go up to 239 mph and there is still missing

What is the top speed 1996 4.6 mustang convertible 3.08 gear?

I have a 1996 mustang gt coupe with 3.08 gears and when the car was still an automatic with factory heads I hit 147 with a small bit left. Had to slow for a curve. Since I have not tested my top speed but would be curious. Have since swapped to a t-45 with the PI head swap, underdrive pulleys, long ( Full Answer )

What is the speed of Ford Mustang gt?

200 mph ========== That answer put a smile on my face , I guess it is nice to dream * not sure , even the SVT models are electronically limited to 155MPH