What is the top speed of polaris edge x 500?

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140-145 on the speedo.
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What is the top speed of a Polaris Sportsman 850?

, I just purchased one.. I heard it could do about 70 stock.. I have hit 65 no problem but could not see the machine doing more than 80 stock .. at 65 on the softest shock setting and regular tire pressure you feel out of control on pavement. around 70 seems about a good capable speed I have hear ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed for a Honda 500?

i assume you mean the cr500. i have one and it all depends on the gearing(sprocket size) if you ran a small rear and large front and had enough ba**s it could push 180 but typically id say 78-80 mph. but it gets there fast!!! its the adrenaline rush of a lifetime wide open on a 500. its pretty close ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a polaris scrambler 400?

a stock 96 scrambler 400 will do 80-110KM. ofcourse that depends on jetting, weather, runway. My 96 has been mod up, 40thou pistonpipe/clutches/shaved head/and of course polishings (inside and out). i have had long highway trips, it is easy to pass almost any thing. the problem is the steering is go ( Full Answer )

What is your top speed going to be on a x-19 CR dominator?

at minipocketrockets.com you can get a x19 and the top speed for it is 70+ miles...you can go to usapocketbikes.com/x19 to get it cheaper at the same speed but you have to mix the oil if you get it from there but when you go to that website put /x19 or you wont find it. hoped i helped

Polaris ranger 500?

The Polaris Ranger 500 is a uv with 499cc,liquid cooled 4 valve 4 stroke single sylinder,which is counterbalanced. It holds 9 gallons of gas And it has electric fuel injection(EFI). The Polaris 500 EFI has independent dual a arm suspention with 9" of travel. If you wold like to know how check out Po ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a ktm 500?

The KTM 500 has the the same bore as the 525. In EXC configuration (6-speed) with stock gearing it is good for 95 to 100 mph.

How fast can a 2003 polaris trailblazer 250 go at top speed?

It depends on the weight of the rider, I had a 400 scrambler and me weighing 250 got it to 62. So I would guess it hits in he upper 40's. Maybe low 50's depends on wind and terrain but i have 2 of them and the both top out at 38mph.

What is the top speed of a Suzuki Quadracer 500?

Depending on the modifications and the gear ratio, it can be as low as 75mph up to 110mph on highly modified machines. Keep in mind if it is geared to go about 75mph, with that much power, it will reach max speed very quickly....Mitch Rank of Sidney, Oh.

Where is polaris predator 500 fuse?

there isn't a fuse, before the starter solenoid there is a circuit breaker 20 amp, let me know if you need a diagram i need a diagram

Why is your polaris sportsman 500 overheating?

Firstly it's a polaris. Temp sensor, fan relay, fan motor, air in cooling system, thermostat, water pump, control box. Take your pick they all fail or cause overheating problems. Very annoying.

What is the top speed of a polaris sportsman 800?

It will do 65 on a flat road pretty easily. I have had mine up to 70 on a downhill flat asphalt road. It is not the fastest ute out there but it will hold its own and provide the most comfortable ride out there.. It will do 65 on a flat road pretty easily. I have had mine up to 70 on a downhill fla ( Full Answer )

Top speed for a 1995 xlt special polaris 600?

about 100 mph I've had mine up to 120. it ran that speed for a short time then burned a piston down. you might not think it counts because i have to rebuild the motor but that is fast

Top speed of a polaris outlaw 525 with exhaust and jetted?

faster than stock it all depends on the gearing if you dont upgrade your gears it will just gain in horsepower and it will have better acceleration but if you do upgrade the gears it would go about 85 and up

Top speed polaris outlaw?

75-80 mph with the s model the IRS model may be a little slower because of the weight difference. The irs model will only go 63

What is the top speed of a polaris sportsman 500?

I have toped out at about 61mph before. The 400 sportsman goes about 55 to 60mph. The sportsman 500 flies down trails and has great accelaratsion. The sportsman 850 will do 84mph and the 550 broke in good and everthing will do close to 70mph. The 800 will do about 70mph to 75mph

Polaris 90 top speed?

If you have the adly 2 cycle motor in your polaris with stock sprockets and stock tires your machine will run about 38 mph wide open on level ground.

Whats top speed of a renegade 500?

i have a 07 renegade 600 sdi. its deffintly fast. just last year i hit 107 and still had a little throttle to play with. Now we all know that stock spedos arent that acurate and are often called wishometers. But id guess top speed on a 600 sdi to be 95-100 mph and the 500 to be 90-95 mph (skidoos 50 ( Full Answer )

What is the x-15's top speed?

The z-15's top speed is Mach 5. no way they said it was way faster than any other plane so it can't be mach 5. becuase i heard it was mach 9.7. 9000 mph. but i just don't understand why nasa doesn't improve and turn it into a space plane because its not going to take a lot of work and if its reall ( Full Answer )

Polaris Indy 650 top speed?

i have a 1990 Indy 650 with tripple pipes, plastic skis and racing clutch weights and i have got it to go 110 mph but i am shure it will go at least 120 mph

What is a cr 500 top speed?

with the right gearing probly about 135 mph though i have seen some go at least 150mph But with stock engine and gearing they do not reach speeds anywhere near this. Off of the showroom floor they do approximately 90 mph, with a small variance depending on the year of manufacture.

What was the top speed of Suzuki RG 500 Gamma?

A stock RG500 square four Gamma Suzuki went 133 mph in a published road test, about the same as the early GSXR-750. With higher gearing and no airbox, a prepped one averaged a 500 class stock record of 151 mph at Bonneville, with a wind assisted one way speed of 161 mph. At Daytona, a fully prepped ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a polaris scrambler 500 4x4?

i think its around 60-70mph. that surprised me when i heard it but its true i raced my neighbor he has a grizzly 700 and he was going 102KM/H and i was very very slowly passing him so it does about 103KM/H (64 MPH)

What is the top speed of 1995 polaris slt 750 jetski?

Top Speed? We have the exact same model, and the top speed ever achieved on it was 73 MPH. It's a FAST jetski! Not to mention that model is the first ever three-seater jetski! Hope this helped! :)

How fast is a polaris predator 500?

Well my predator 500 dale earnhardt jr edition will go 88- 91 mph I have raced other predators nd mine is faster than all nd mine is stock I even beat a yfz 450

What is the top speed of a can am commander 1000 x?

It comes with two different keys. One is the normal key, which limits top speed to 44mph. The second key is the performance key which has no limitation on speed or power. A key is available for purchase and limits top speed to 25 mph for use on work sites.

How fast will a 1993 polaris 500 classic snowmobile go top end?

I've had mine up to about 85 mph on groomed trails. That's with a stock .820" lug track, .875" wedge studs, and stock metal skis with skins. Everything on the sled is stock (exhaust, clutch, engine, etc). Next season I'm going to put on lighter plastic skis, get the carbs cleaned and adjusted, the c ( Full Answer )

What is the top speed of a 2013 ktm 500 exc?

i have a 2012 with stock gearing it was still pulling hard at 107mph really hard !! though it was feeling a bit unstable on street with unbalanced tires .

What is the top speed of a 2006 Mercedes CLK 500?

The CLK 500 is electronically speed limited to 155MPH/250KM/H. This means the engine could go faster but has been deliberately controlled so it cannot exceed the speeds listed previously.