What is the top thirty highest populated cities in the Pakistan?

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  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Peshawar
  6. Rawalpindi
  7. Gujranwala
  8. Islamabad
  9. Sialkot
  10. Multan
  11. Bahawalpur
  12. Larkana
  13. Quetta
  14. Sukkur
  15. Gujarat
  16. Sargodha
  17. Jhang
  18. Shekhupura
  19. Mardan
  20. Kasur
  21. Rahim yar Khan
  22. Sahiwal
  23. Okara
  24. Wah Camtonent
  25. Dera Ghazi Khan
  26. Mingora
  27. Mirpur Khas
  28. Chiniot
  29. Nawabhshah
  30. Kamoke
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What world city has the highest population density?

Well.... according to http://www.citymayors.com/statistics/largest-cities-density-125.html the first three are: #1. Mumbai, India (14.35 million people / 187 sq. miles = 76.7k people per sq mile) #2. Kolkata (Calcutta), India (12.7 million / 205 sq. miles = 91.95k people per sq mile) #3. Kara ( Full Answer )

What city in the world has the highest population?

Tokyo-Yokohama, Japan: 33,200,000 . New York, United States: 17,800,000 . Sao Paulo, Brazil: 17,700,000 . Seoul-Incheon, South Korea: 17,500,000 . Mexico City, Mexico: 17,400,000 . Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Japan: 16,425,000 . Manila, Philippines: 14,750,000 . Mumbai, India: 14,350,000 . Jakarta, In ( Full Answer )

What are the highest populated cities in china?

It depends who you ask. Officially it is Chongqing, something like 30 million, but the Chinese system is weird - Chongqing city includes towns and small cities nearby in it's population count - someone living in a village 80 km away is considered a citizen of Chongqing. In terms of metropolitan area ( Full Answer )

Which are the top ten populated cities of India?

If you consider the urban area's population, the 2001 census of India orders the top 10 as: Mumbai Kolkata Delhi Chennai Hyderabad Bangalore Ahmedabad Pune Surat Kanpur If you consider only the city population, the 2001 census order is: Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Bangalor ( Full Answer )

City with the highest population?

The most populated city in the world is Shanghai, China with anestimated population of 14.01 million people. The most populatedcity in the United States is New York City with an estimated 8.337million people as of 2012.

What city in the US has the highest population density?

Guttenberg, New Jersey is the most densely populated American city with a population density of about 21,614/km 2 . However, New York is the most densely populated MAJOR American city with a population density of about 10,561/km 2 .

City with highest population?

The city with the highest population in the world is Tokyo, Japan.The population for Tokyo, Japan is an estimated 37,126,000.

Which city has the highest two-wheeler population in the world?

Pune,India Bangalore, India Bangalore, India Ahmedabad, India is now having highest two-wheeler population in world Pune, India having largest two wheelers in world also Ahmedabad is in the race. Bangalore has now increase in volume in cars like Mumbai Same thing is happening in Pune Also.

What city in the US has the highest population of gay people?

The popular idea, like the (jazz City) idea is that San Francisco is the Gay Capital. If referring to highest percentage of Gay/Lesbian population, the answer is Wilton Manors, FL. Population is just over 12000, however over 5.4% or residents identify as Lesbian/Gay. San Francisco ranks # 10. Th ( Full Answer )

What are the top 10 Florida cities for the highest crime rate?

Not in order from most to least dangerous...Just whats the most highest crime rated cities.. 1. Mangonia Park (Palm Beach). 2. Riviera Beach (Palm Beach). 3. Miami (Miami Dade). 4. Opa Locka (Miami Dade). 5. West Palm Beach (Palm Beach). 6. Belle Glade (Palm Beach). 7. Fort Pierce (Port Saint ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten cities by population in Canada?

The top ten Canadian cities by population are... . Toronto, Ontario . Montreal, Quebec . Calgary, Alberta . Ottawa, Ontario . Edmonton, Alberta . Mississauga, Ontario . Winnipeg, Manitoba . Vancouver, British Columbia . Brampton, Ontario . Hamilton, Ontario

Which city in Oceania has the highest population?

The exact definition of Oceania varies, including whether or not itencompasses Australia. The most common definition of Oceania doesinclude Australia, therefore the most populous city in Oceania iscommonly believed to be Sydney, followed by Melbourne and Brisbane.

What are the top 5 populated cities in Louisiana?

1 New Orleans 1,209,900 people 2 Baton Rouge 790,934 3 Lafayette 543,956 4 Shreveport 342,896 5 Lake Charles 71,908 By Metro Area This is not correct information...I do not know the exact numbers but I live in Lafayette, and our city with our surrounding areas is only around 130,000. Shr ( Full Answer )

What are the top 500 populated cities in the world?

\n. \n. \nFirst 100\n. \n1. Tokyo, Japan - 28,025,000 \n2. Mexico City, Mexico - 18,131,000 \n3. Mumbai, India - 18,042,000 \n4. Sáo Paulo, Brazil - 17, 711,000 \n5. New York City, USA - 16,626,000 \n6. Shanghai, China - 14,173,000 \n7. Lagos, Nigeria - 13,488,000 \n8. Los Angeles, USA - 13,12 ( Full Answer )

What are to top 10 cities with the highest suicide rate?

The top cities with the highest suicide rates are as follows: 1. Portland, Oregon 2. St. Louis, Missouri 3. New Orleans 4. Detroit 5. Cleveland 6. Jacksonville, Florida 7. Las Vegas 8. Nashville, Tennessee 9. Cincinnati 10. Atlanta

What are the top ten cities with highest crimes in US?

1. Detroit, Michigan. 2. St. Louis, Missouri. 3. Flint, Michigan. 4. Oakland, Calafornia. 5. Camden, New Jersey. 6. Birmingham, Alabama. 7. North Charleston, South Carolina. 8. Memphis, Tenessee. 9. Richmond, Calafornia. 10. Cleveland, Ohio

What are the Top ten US cities with highest incidence of cancer?

In certain parts of polluted industrial cities like . Los Angeles, CA . Richmond, CA . Gary, Indiana . Pittsburgh . Long Beach, CA . Oakland, CA . Detroit, MI . American Lung Association website tool http://www.stateoftheair.org/ . http://www.fitsugar.com/3372396

What are the top ten cities with the most population?

1.New York has over 21,000,000 people 2.Los Angeles has over 16,000,000 people. . 3.Chicago has over 9,000,000 people 4.Houston has over 5,000,000 people . 5.Philadelphia has over 1,000,000 people . Sorry I can only answer 5. I'm just a kid.

What is the highest populated city in California?

The Highest Populated city is Los Angeles, then San Diego, and then it is either San Francisco or San Jose depending on how you measure the city in either metropolitan area or city limits, then Oakland then Sacramento...

Which city in Australia has the highest population of vegans?

Hard to judge really. You could use a few different criteria to answer this question such as population and vegan business numbers, however, given there is no real way to tell - at best it would be a guess - and would not take into account smaller cities which may hold vegan enclaves. On populati ( Full Answer )

List of top ten cities of Pakistan?

10. Sialkot 9. Hyderabad 8. Gilgit 7. Faisalabad 6. Gujranwala 5. Multan 4. Queta 3. Lahore 2. Islamabad 1. Karachi

What is the city of highest population?

The Tokyo-Yokohama megalopolis appears to have the greatest population of any single city complex in the world with about 30 million inhabitants. Chinqing, China may be larger;however this is due to the city being expanded to encompass its entire province.

What are the top 4 cities in Utah that have the highest population of polygamists?

Well, we can't know for sure since polygamy is illegal and usually practiced in secret - it isn't reported to the government to be counted in the population statistics. Here are some places where polygamists are quite common in Utah: *Hilldale (nearly all residents are members of the FLDS churc ( Full Answer )

What are the top 10 populated cities in Nevada?

1. \n Las Vegas . \n Clark County . \n 588,274. \n \n \n 2. \n Henderson . \n Clark County . \n 264,839. \n \n \n 3. \n North Las Vegas . \n Clark County . \n 223,873. \n \n \n 4. \n Reno . \n Washoe County . \n 222,801. \n \n \n 5. \n Sunrise Manor . \n Clark C ( Full Answer )

What is the population of the top twenty citys in England?

London8,294,058 Birmingham2,293,099 Manchester1,741,961 Liverpool830,112 Newcastle794,500 Nottingham667,218 Sheffield656,160 Leeds596,027 Bristol558,566 Middlesbrough (Teesside) From wikipedia, search for largest cities in England.

What cities in Croatia have the highest population?

Here are the most populous ten where the populations are taken toinclude nearby towns and hamlets, etc: Zagreb : 792,875 Split : 178,192 Rijeka : 128,735 Osijek : 107,784 Zadar : 75,082 Velika Gorica : 63,511 Slavonski Brod : 59,507 Pula : 57,765 Karlovac : 55,981 Sisak : 47,699 For more informat ( Full Answer )

What are the 5 top populated cities in Wales?

Wales only has six cities in total, they are (in population order): . Cardiff with a population of around 335,000 . Swansea with a population of around 180,000 . Newport with a population of around 130,000 . Bangor with a population of around 17,000 . St. Asaph with a population of around ( Full Answer )

What is louisiana top ten cities by population?

The top ten cities by population in Louisiana 1.New Orleans 454,8632.Baton Rouge 222,064 3.Shreveport 198,874 4.Lafayette 112,0305.Lake Charles 70,555 6.Kenner 69,911 7.Bossier City 60,5058.Monroe 51,914 9.Alexandria 45,693 10.New Iberia 32,495

What were the populations of the ten largest US cities in nineteen thirty measured to the nearest thousand?

Accordingto the United States Census Bureau, the largest American city in 1930was New York, New York, which boasted roughly 6,930,000 residents. Atthe time, the second largest city was Chicago, Illinois, which hadapproximately 3,376,000 residents. The third largest city, meanwhile,was Philadelphia, ( Full Answer )