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What is the torque for the screws on a valve cover on a 1994 Geo Metro 1 3?


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2011-09-15 11:03:06
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Not aware of a torque rating however a bit of common sense applies here. These "acorn' nuts can only be screwed on so far being closed end nuts. Also when tightening these nuts you are compressing a rubber gasket. In practical terms when it begins to feel tight it probably is and you need to stop. If there IS a torque spec for those nuts it will be expressed in inch pounds. That's a SMALL amount of tightening.

4 ft-lbs (maybe 14) be careful if you break the weak aluminum walls of the valve cover dished area, JB weld won't help you maintain vacuum, and you will spend a year in the Junkyards looking for a new one like me.


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the valve cover torque specs are 85in lbs

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I think there is no torque required for the valve cover as long as all are evenly tightened or the seal is flat on the cylinder head it will not cause any leak. If you have tightened the valve cover screws already and there are still leaks you might want to consider putting silicone on the valve cover gasket before you attach it or you might want to consider buying a new valve cover gasket.

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89inch pounds is the torque rating for the valve cover bolts

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