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There are 10 bolts holding the intake manifold onto the engine block. Five on the back and five on the front. If you letter the bolts A through J from left to right, rear side then front, you get the tightening sequence below. Tighten bolts in the number sequence shown. A-7, B-3, C-1, D-5, E-9 F-8, G-4, H-2, I-6, J-10 Torque bolts to 88 in-lbs, making two passes in sequence.

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Q: What is the torque on the intake of a 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva with a 3300 engine?
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What are the intake manifold torque specs on 1997 Oldsmobile bravada?

What are the intake manifold torque specs on 1998 Oldsmobile bravada?"

What are the intake manifold torque specs for a 403 ci Oldsmobile engine?

Intake manifold torque specifications for the Olds 403 is listed as 30 ft-lbs.

What are the Cylinder head torque specs 1996 Oldsmobile 2.2 liter?

What are the torque specificatons for a 1996 v6 3.1 head on an oldsmobile achieva

What are the intake manifold torque specs for the 1996 Oldsmobile achieva 3100 V6?

Haynes manual says 115 inch pounds- Start from center of intake using a criss-cross pattern, working your way to ends of intake.

What are the torque specs for the intake manifold fuel injection and valve adjustment on a 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 3.1L engine?

the torque specs for the intake manifold are 115 inch pounds inch pounds to newton meter = mutiply .113 by the number of inch pounds aprox. 9.5 foot pounds

What are the Cylinder head torque specs for a 403 ci Oldsmobile engine?

95 ft/lbs.

How to replace intake manafold on V6 3800 engine?

Ineed the torque sequence and tightening specs for a 92 GM 3800 intake.

What are the rocker arm torque specifications for a 455 cubic inch Oldsmobile engine?

According to most Oldmobile torque specs, the correct torque for rocker arm bolts is 25 ft-lbs.

What is the intake manifold torque on a small block Chevy?

Need to know the year and engine size.

What are the Torque specs for intake and plenum tubes bolts on corvette 5.7 liter TPI engine?

== ==

What is the torque setting for the lower ball joint on a Oldsmobile 88?

What year is the oldsmobile?, and do you need the torque setting for the nut?.

How much hp does a 3.4 engine have?

The 3.4L LA1 V6 engine in the Oldsmobile Alero puts out 170 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque.

What are the torque specifications for a 2002 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine?

what is the torque specs to a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1 liter motor. Need head and intake torque specs. and sequence.

What is the intake torque specs and ordering for a 3.8L on a 2001 Pontiac grand prix?

The 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 liter engine intake bolt torque specification is 45 pounds. The intake bolts should be torqued in 15 pound intervals.

What is the torque on intake of 1997 34?

torque specs are lower intake 115in-ibs upper intake 18ft-lbs

What are the intake manifold torque specs on a 97 Chevy pu?

depends on the engine that the truck has in it. check on

What is the torque for an intake manifold on a 1993 Chevy Suburban 350 engine?

25 to30 foot pounds

4.3 intake torque?

The operating torque required to turn some fan or impeller which sucks in some gas or liquid to some engine or pump etc.

Intake manifold torque specs 1973 Ford f100 360?

what is the torque setting 1973 FORD F100 360 engine . for my heads and manfuld thanks

What are the lower intake torque specs for. 03 impala v6 3.8?


What is the torque specifications for the intake manifold on a 1988 Chevrolet celebrity?

If your 1988 Celebrity has the 2.5L 4 cylinder engine the torque is 25 ft lbs. If you have the 2.8L V6 engine the torque is 23 ft lbs. This per my 1988 factory service manual.

Intake torque specs 2002 Buick Century?

intake torque specs 2002 buik century

What is the setting for the torque on 96 31 L Achieva?

The first thing we have to know is--what torque? Is it Head bolt torque, rod bolt torque, main cap torque, water bolt torque, or something else? Please specify.

Whats the torque specs for a 4.3 vortec intake manifold?

The torque specifications, for a 4.3 liter engine manifold, is 45 pounds per square inch. Torque the manifold bolts in 15 pound intervals.

Ford 5.4intake manifold torque specs?

Click this link or paste it into your browser. The answer is here.