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What year is the oldsmobile?, and do you need the torque setting for the nut?.

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What is the torque specification for the lower ball joint on a 2001 Honda accord dx?

The 2001 Honda Accord lower ball joint torque specification is 90 pounds. The lower ball joint should be torqued in 45 pound intervals.

How do you replace a lower ball joint on a bravada?

You will need to remove the tire and wheel from your Oldsmobile. Remove the retaining not on top of the ball joint. Pound the ball joint out. Reverse the process to install your new lower ball joint.

How do you replace a lower ball joint on a 99 Pathfinder 4wd?

First you need to jack the vehicle up and support it on stands, then remove the tire. Remove the torsion bar and disconnect the lower shock mount, and remove the stabilizer bar connecting rod from the lower link. Loosen the lower ball joint nut, and use a ball joint separator to separate the ball joint from the lower link, then disconnect the tension rod from the lower link. Remove the front lower link pivot nut and push the stud out, then remove the torque arm from the frame. Remove the ball joint by removing the retaining bolts and install the new one, I suggest you replace the bushing as well.

How do you replace axles 1991 Honda Accord AT?

Support vehicle properly on jack stands. Remove both front wheels. Remove lower ball joint nut and cotter pin. Remove axle nut (36MM). Seperate lower ball joint carefully. Pull axle from housing and from transmission. Reassemble in reverse order. Torque Axle nut to 105 ft./lbs Install new cotter pin in lower ball joint after tightening nut. Torque wheels to 80 ft.lbs. Drive away a happy Honda owner.

What are the 1993 Tercel front axle torque setting?

The hub nut is 137 ft lbs......... The two lower bolts and nuts that the strut mounts to wheel assembly is 167ft lbs......... Dont over torque that hub nut you will have problems.......................

What are the major joints of the lower limb?

hip jointknee jointtibiofibularjointankle joint

What happens if your Oldsmobile silhouette has the lower intake crack?

replace lower intake

Joint that connects your lower leg at your knee?

If your referring to the knee joint it is the tibiofemoral joint.

What are the joins on a clarinet?

I think you met joints, and the joints are the upper joint and the lower joint. The order of clarinet peices from the top is mouthpiece, barrel, upper joint, lower joint, bell.

How do you replace a ball joint for 1997 dodge van b3500?

For the lower ball joint, remove the lower control arm and the ball joint seal. Press the ball joint from the control arm. Press the new ball joint into the lower control arm ensuring it is fully seated, install a new seal and the lower control arm.

What is the function of the ankle?

There are two ankle joints - the upper ankle joint and the lower ankle joint. The upper ankle joint is a hinge joint and helps in bending and stretching. The lower ankle joint helps in pronation and suppination of the feet.

What joint of the lower extremity is defined as a modified hinge joint?


How do you change the lower ball joint for Mitsubishi diamante 1994?

How to change the lower ball joint for Mitsubishi diamante 1994

How do you remove lower ball joint on 2003 GMC savana?

how to remove lower ball joint on 2003 gmc savana van

What are the different parts of an oboe?

reed, upper joint, lower joint, and bell

What is the torque specs for upper and lower ball joints on a 1999 Dodge Dakota?

Top ball joint is 60 ft.lbs., initial. Then tighten to align hole for cotter pin. Bottom ball joint is 94 ft.lbs., initial. Then tighten to align hole for cotter pin

Is the ankle a joint?

Ankle is a synovial type of joint. You have the lower end of tibia bone, medially and lower end of fibula bone, laterally and talus bone on other side of the joint.

List of two joint muscles in upper and lower limb?

Two joint muscles in the upper limb is the wrist and the elbow. Two joint muscles in the lower limb is the ankle and the knee.

Lower ball joint on 06 dodge ram 4x4 get pushed down or up to remove?

Unless common practice has changed, you should have to press the lower ball-joint down through the bottom of the lower A-arm to remove the joint.

Name the joint between the bone of the upper arm and the bones of the lower arm?

The upper arm is the humerus, the lower arm is made up of the radius and ulna. The joint connecting the upper is called the humeroulnar joint.

What is the joint where the upper and lower leg meet?

the knee! technical name: tibiofemoral joint

What type of joint connects the upper and lower part of chicken wing?

at elbow joint

What does a ball joint do?

The ball joint in a vehicle is used to pivot between the wheel and the suspension. There are usually and upper ball joint and a lower ball joint.

Does your tricep help lower or raise your hand?

Triceps as such extend the elbow joint. That may lower or raise your hand, depending the position of your elbow joint.

How do you change lower ball joint on a nissan primera 99?

If you mean the lower suspension arm (wishbone) ball joint, it is fixed into the arm. This means you need to replace the whole lower arm.