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The Suzuki oil drain plug torque specification is 30 pounds. Over tightening the oil drain plug can cause the oil pan threads to strip.

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Haynes Manual states that for focus builds between 2001 and 2004 the recommended torque spec for the oil drain plug is 37 Nm / 27 lbf ft.

I have a 2002 suzuki and the fuel pump was inside the fuel tank on mine and the fuel filter sat at the top of it. you have to take the tank off to get it done. Sorry.

According to Ford Documentation 2003 E-Series, 9/2002, Page 303-01C-3, Engine 6.8L, the Oil Pan Drain Plug torque is 12 Nm and 10 lb-ft.

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The 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara has 24 valves.

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The 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara has a 5-speed manual.

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I had this problem on my 1998 Suzuki Esteem and it was the connector under the dash near the steering wheel. The wire going to the brake light was bad inside the connector. I had to tear it apart and fix the connector right where the wire was inserted into the connector, it had turned brown and mostly melted. I repaired the wire going into the connector and all is back to normal working operation.

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The curb weight of the 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara is 3152 lbs..

The 2002 Suzuki Grand-Vitara has a 27 degrees angle of departure.

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