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What is the torque specification for the head bolts when replacing a head gasket on a 1990 Nissan Pulsar vector SSS The engine type is N13?

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The torque specifications are, for both the 1.8 litre 18LE and the 1.6 litre 16LE:

Stage one: 25Nm

Stage two: Tighten a further 60 degrees

Stage three: Tighten a further 60 degrees

Stage four: Tighten a further 60 degrees

Stage five: Tighten a further 30 degrees to 50 degrees, but do not exceed 135Nm

Perform the tightenings one stage at a time, performing the required action to all bolts before continuing to the next stage. Tighten them in this order:

10 6 2 3 7

9 5 1 4 8

Where '1' is the front of the car, and '7' and '8' correspond to the distributor.

Perform stages one through four, and then after finishing the rebuild and replacement, run the car to operating temperature. Then perform stage five at operating temperature.

2009-08-02 06:30:18
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" The Pulsar starter is located centrally, underneath the engine close to the passenger compartment." According to my car, the E16i engine, it is on the drivers side of the engine below/behind the distributor.

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The best place is to get it from a wrecking yard.

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