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What is the torque value for the crankshaft pulley on a PT Cruiser?


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2010-03-24 12:19:59
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The torque value is 100 or 136 n.m.


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I cant remember if a 1994 had a distributer or not. If it has a distributer, there is no crankshaft position sensor. That information is a calculated value using the input from the distributer stator(pickup coil). If there is no distributer, then there will be a crank sensor on the front of the engine down by the crank pulley.

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the torque value is 173foot-lbs for 2003 focus rear hub nut

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Replacing the water pump entails removing the accessory belts, removing the value cover, timing belt cover, the right engine mount and mount bracket, the timing belt and crankshaft pulley and then the water pump. While your that far into the dis assembly you should replace the timing belt, the cam and crankshaft seal.

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It cant be answered as there was no 1968 fire cruiser. There were only 16 cars realeased in 68 and that wasnt one of em.

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