What is the total amount of deaths in the Vietnam war?

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US deaths were over 58,000 men. For totals for other nations, see website: Vietnam War.
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Vietnam war deaths?

Vietnam war was fought in the South East Asian nation for 19 yearsduring 1950s , 60s and 70s. In this horrific war South Vietnam lost195,000Ð430,000 civilians and 220,357Ã

What were the causes of death in the Vietnam War?

Causes of death in Vietnam Several variables caused deaths in the Vietnam war. These include fatal bullet wounds received during the course of firefights between opposing sid

What was the Vietnam war death total?

Answer . 58,256 Americans are now listed on the Vietnam Memorial wall - including some of who have passed recently from illness linked to Agent Orange. Here is a link th

How many deaths were there in the Vietnam War?

There is no specifics, no "true" number counted. "Body counts" were entirely faulty. Soldiers would count the number of "bodies" found. Sometimes because of the horrors of war

What was the total amount of troops sent to Vietnam by the end of the war?

By the end of the war, approximately 2,594,000 US Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen had served IN COUNTRY, in the Vietnam War.. By the end of the war, a

How many deaths in Vietnam war?

Overall, the number of casualties inflicted upon the Americans during the Vietnam War was 58,156. As for Vietnamese casualties, there were over 5 million. However, nobody co

How many deaths were there in Vietnam war?

Perhaps the greatest effect that the Vietnam war had was the high human life cost. 58,156 people lost their lives during the WA in Vietnamr either during battle or from other