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In 2014, the US federal government budget is $3.8 trillion. For 2015, the President has requested a budget of $3.9 trillion.

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Q: What is the total amount of the government's budget?
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When an agency reprograms funds there is no change in the total amount available in the?

agency budget

What is a budget amount?

Means nothing, or a just a budget amount!

Why is planning a budget important to a governments success?


Where did the money for the Louisiana purchase come from?

From the governments budget

What percentage of the US federal budget is spent on foreign aid?

According to the last budget a tiny amount of the total US budget is spent on foreign aid. About 0.1 or 0.2% is the figure. In 2009 the total foreign aid was around $48 billion. President G.W. Bush submitted to Congress a total budget request of $3.1 trillion.

What is the main duty of the state governments?

preparing the state budget

What can neither faderal nor state governments do?

Adhere to a budget

Why do governments set up budgets?

to do so governments make up a budget,or plan for collecting and spending money

What is the total of all income tax collected annually in the US?

The amount is always less than the annual budget.

What was the Production Budget for Total Recall?

The Production Budget for Total Recall was $125,000,000.

Why do governments set up budget?

because governments have limited amounts of money, they have to use it wisely so they make budgets

Who is in charge of executing the budget?

sponge bob is in charge of the budget! None of the answers are correct. (for civics and governments only)

What does budget means?

A budget is where you have a certain amount of money that you have to spend and you cant go above your budget.

How much money is in the US total budget?

The total budget of the US is 3.4 trillion dollars.

The governments plan to collect and spend money each year is called a?


What a IT budget should be of the total budget of a company?

savings and mis

Why are there budget cuts?

There are budget cuts when organizations and governments do not have as much funds as they did in previous times. They must then reduce spending to compensate for the decline of money.

What is the primary disadvantage to having a total consumption budget?

With a total consumption budget, there is no net income or savings.

What is the difference between the National debt and the budget deficit?

Budget deficit is how much we spend per year over what we take in from taxes. National debt is the total amount the nation owes (the deficits added together).

What does it mean to cut the budget?

It means that less money will be budgeted than in the previous year. Thus, the phrase, "cut the budget", indicates that one or more areas of a budgeted total amount of money will need to be reduced.

What is the total budget of the White House on entertainment?

The total budget of the White House for entertainment purposes is not to exceed $19,000.

How do i figure the percentage of my budget that I saved if I spent 1529.52 less?

There is insufficient information. You need to specify what your total budget was and either how much you spent or saved. You have not provided your total budget.

What is the annual TV advertising budget for Progressive Insurance?

$388,000,000 total budget.

What is the budget cost for home building?

The budget cost of a home is the amount of money a person can spend to purchase a home. This amount will vary depending on a person's income.

Amount incurred for making the Hollywood movie avatar?

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