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There are close to 3 million students enrolled in public schools in New York. Public school enrollment keep decreasing in the state.Ê

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How many students attend new york university?

Total Undergraduates: 21,269 Graduate Enrollment: 17,454

What d3 school has the largest enrollment?

Technically, the State University of New York has the largest enrollment for a Division III college. They have 465,000 students. This is split amongst different branches, though.

When was New York's first public school built?

New York first public school was opened in 1839

How many credits do i need to graduate from a new york high school?

In public schools (at least in New York) you need 44 credits in total to graduate and go to a college

Is the University of New York a public school?


What is the best public school in New York City?

Stuyvesant is undoubtedly the best public high school in New York City. It is also one of the best public high schools in the United States.

What are some bartending schools in New York City?

New York's most reputable bartending school, is the New York Bartending School. More information, including enrollment information, can be found at

What is the best public high school in New York City?

Stuyvesant is undoubtedly the best public high school in New York City. It is also one of the best public high schools in the United States.

What is New York University School of Law's motto?

New York University School of Law's motto is 'A Private University in the Public Service'.

What is the amount of undergraduate students in Julliard?

Juilliard SchoolNew York, New YorkSizeTotal undergrads: 500Graduate enrollment: 342For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

What elementary school did David Berkowitz go to?

I believe he attended the public school in his Bronx neighborhood. New York City's public schools are refered to as:PS 1, PS2, ect. which means Public School (#).

What elementary school actor Donnie Most attend?

Public School 249 The Caton school in Brooklyn. New York

When does the school year start for New York City public school kids?

September 8th or 3rd

How many students go to New York University?

The current total enrollment at New York University is 50, 917 students. This is comprised of 19,401 undergraduates, and 31,516 post graduate or noncredit students.

What was the New York School Board trying to institute in public schools?

The New York School Board was trying to institute policies in public schools. These policies would relegate African-American students to different schools.

What year was the public school system started in New York State?

Public school was introduced to New York State in 1805. Wealthy businessmen formed the New York Public School Society to educate poor children. There was one master for hundreds of children. The class was taught in one room, with the older students passing down rote lessons to the younger children.

How do you find other people who went to the same New York public school?

There is no way.

When is the 100th day of school in New York Public Schools in 2013?

February 25

Can parochial school students play sports for public school teams in new york state?

yeah like fernbay school does come to our school its fun

What is the penalty for pulling a public school fire alarm in new york state?

it depends on the school but probably it includes being suspended or expelled from school.

What has the author Archie Emerson Palmer written?

Archie Emerson Palmer has written: 'The New York public school' -- subject(s): Education, History, New York City Public Schools

Do Nat n Alex Wolff attend public or private school?

They attend a Private school in New York - Friends Seminary

What age do children start school new york?

Public 5 or 6 years old.

Where Did 50 Cent Go To School?

Rosa Parks Public School, Brooklyn, New York, Dope Street, when 50 cent was 9

What is the name of the chancellor of New York City public school?

David M. Steiner is the Commissioner of Education.