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Most experts agree somewhere between 620,000 to 700,000 deaths from the civil war.

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A total of 935,136 - 1,977, 779 soldiers were killed, and about 2,098,200 were wounded.

A combined total of over 3,600 soldiers were killed at the Antietam, with total casualties on both sides exceeding 23,000 counting the wounded and missing. September 17, 1862, the day of the battle, was the bloodiest single day of combat during the US Civil War. Source: Civil War Battles, Johnson C. and McLaughlin, M. 1977

2 million vietnamese civilians were killed 1,850,000 Vietcong soldiers were killed 1,087,000 South Vietnam soldiers were killed So a total of sbout 5 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed during the Vietnam war

The total number killed was almost 500,000 men for the North and South.

Around 625000 soldiers were killed in the American Civil War; over the roughly 4.5 years of combat this amounts to about 380 soldiers per day in total.

During the course of the US Civil War, approximately 400,000 soldiers were captured and served time in POW camps.

During the Battle of Chancellorsville, almost 19,000 soldiers were wounded. In total, 2,300 soldiers were killed and 8,000 were captured or missing.

365,000 total dead. 140,414 killed in action

In total, 19,200 allied soldiers were killed during the Battle of the Bulge. 19,000 were US deaths and 200 were British deaths.

during world war 2: 17 million allied soldiers were killed 45 million allied civilias were killed 8 million axis soldiers were killed 4 millio axis civilians were killed so a total of about 75 million dead, which was equivilent of about 2.37% of the worlds population

total deaths in the union army during the civil war due to disease is 250,152.

Approximately 360,000 Union troops and 258,000 Confederate troops died during the American Civil War.

The total was 13 million soldiers killed and 17 million civilians killed

416,800 soldiers and 1,700 civilians were killed during WW2. That's a total of 418,500 people which died during WW2.

There were 360,000 Union soldier deaths and 258,000 Confederate soldier deaths during the American Civil War.

In total, Britain lost 450,900. This includes 383,800 soldiers and 67,100 civilians, which were killed during WW2.

In the US Civil War, the large population in the Northern states allowed to field many more troops than the South. During the US Civil War, the Union had as many as two million soldiers in uniform. The South had fewer than 900,000 troops in total.

U.S. Civil War statistics: Total Southerners killed in action = 72, 500. Total Southerners killed = 260,000.

there where 8,500,000 soldiers killed and total of over 20,000,000 cilivians killed in world war 1. Germany- 1,808,000 France-1,385,000 Austria/Hungary-1,200,000 Poland-500,000 Russia-1,700,000 USA-115,000 Italy-460,000 Romania-350,000 Turkey-350,000 Total Estiamted killed-8,500,000 Soldiers Wounded-19,536,000too many! but there will be wars and rumors of wars but the time is not yet.

10 million soldiers 14 million civilians 24 million total

about 260,000 confederates died and 350,000 Unions died total about 618,000 to 700,000 soldiers died

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