What is the total population of Southwest Asia?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the total population of Southwest Asia?
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Where do the majority of people in Southwest Asia live?

Most of the population in Southwest Asia is located where there is water.

What two countries in southwest Asia have the highest population density?

Israel appears to have the highest overall population density in Southwest Asia.

Does turkey have the smallest population in southwest asia?

Turkey has the largest population in south west Asia.

Why does southwest Asia's food have to be imported?

Southwest Asia is too arid to grow sufficient amounts of food to sustain its population.

How are population patterns in north Africa and southwest Asia affected by the environment?

North Africa and SouthWest Asia has served as the crossroad for the people

How has increased population growth affected North Africa and Southwest Asia?

Congestion and lack of resources is the effect of population growth in North Africa and Southwest Asia. Poverty and famine also are effects of population growth.

What is the population of southwest Asia?

Just over 400 Million people

The dominant religion in southwest Asia and north Africa is Islam?

Yes. Islam accounts for over 80% of the population in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

What is the general trend for populations in Southwest Asia?

There are large increases in population and a very young population in aggregate.

True or false the population of Southwest Asia is less than that of the United States?


What is the Population of Southwest Asia and North Africa?

more than 400 million people

Which has the largest total population?