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There is no prize money for a Guinness world record

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Q: What is the total prize money of Guinness world record?
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How many Guinness World Record Editions are there?

There are 3 editions total, The Original, Annual, and Gamers edition

Who has won most prize money at golf?

Tiger Woods is worth about $600 million and has a total career prize money of $96,596,542!!

How much Prize Money Wimbledon players win?

The total prize money pot for 2010 was £ 13,725,000. The Men's and Women's singles winners both received an amount of £ 1,000,000 each. For 2011 total prize money is £ 14,600,000 and singles winners will receive £ 1,100,000 each.

What is the prize money for the Open Championship?

Total prize money for the 2015 Open Golf Championship is approximately 10 million US dollars1st 1,150,000 GBP2nd 653,0003rd 420,000Only professionals may win the prize money.

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Close to 100 million

Prize money in 2009 US PGA?

Total purse $7.5 million.

How did 30 Seconds to Mars win the Guinness World Record?

They won a Guinness world record by having the longest concert tour by a rock band. Over the course of two years they played a total of 309 shows, both within the continental United States, and internationally.

How much does the winner of the US tennis open get?

The total prize money alters regularly.

Former World record holders?

Robert Michael Hensel set a Guinness and Ripley's World record for the longest non stop wheelie in a wheelchair covering a total distance of 6.178 miles, on Oct 3rd 2002 in Oswego, New York. The reason for his world record was to help raise money for wheelchair ramps throught his community.

What is the total purse for the masters golf tournament?

The total prize money for the 2008 tournament was $7,500,000, with $1,350,000 going to the winner.

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