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What is the towing capacity of a 1988 Mitsubishi Triton FWD ute 4 cylinder petrol motor?

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For the 1994 Daihatsu Charade, both the petrol and diesel 3 cylinder engines are 1.0 litre in capacity.

it is English for a 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Gasoline in American is Petrol in English, simple as that.

average capacity starts from 40 l and above

The capacity of cars' gas tanks vary widely. The ml of petrol in a car depends on the capacity of the gas tank and how full the tank is.

A gear box for a 1989 2.6-ltr petrol Mitsubishi Pajero cannot fit on a 2.3-ltr diesel motor.

The Nissan Petrol 4.5 liter 6 cylinder firing order is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The number one cylinder is on the front right.

what is the torque cylinder head bolts and the camshaft for KIA clarus 2.0 petrol DOHC 1998 model

too much petrol in the cylinder not being burnt

First you need to know what engine you have in the Discovery. Petrol or diesel and then the capacity? First you need to know what engine you have in the Discovery. Petrol or diesel and then the capacity?

every 60.000miles or to be safe at 60.000, 100.000, 140.000

4.cylinder diesel 1979 to 1987 perkins 4.236 & T38 = 3880cc 4.cylinder diesel 1987 to 1993 perkins phaser 90 & 110T = 3990cc 6 cylinder diesel 1979 to 1987 perkins 6.247 =4050cc 6 cylinder petrol 1979 to 1992 chrysler slant 6 = 3500cc

Petrol 4 cylinder, about £250. Diesel 4 cylinder, about £350./ Petrol V6, about £450. Diesel V6, about £600. All Very "Approximate".

Adcoids were a proprietary petrol additive, made by Duckhams, which were reputed to provide upper cylinder lubricant to petrol car engines

The Capacity of a cars petrol tank varies on different cars, try googling the car model or Car brand, model, year HERE! then tank size or something, hope i helped :) Reece

depends on engine size 1.8 petrol engine takes 3.8 litres 2.0 petrol takes 4.2 litres

4 cylinder petrol 6 cylinder diesel In both cases no 1 cylinder is nearest the front of the vehicle.

I would guess 50L but depends on what version/model you have.

What are the torque settings for Nissan Patrol 4.2 petrol cylinder head and valve clearances?Read more: What_are_the_torque_settings_for_Nissan_Patrol_4.2_petrol_cylinder_head_and_valve_clearances

No, the petrol has a higher ignition flash point than that of kerosene. It would be like using petrol in a diesel engine. The engine would run extremely hot and the engine could be destroyed. As diesel uses compression to burn the fuel petrol needs a spark. The petrol under higher compression will pre ignite and cause detonation in the piston cylinders. This could destroy the pistons, cylinder walls or the cylinder head of the engine.

In the UK there are two standard sized petrol tankers, the capacity for fuel depends on which size vehicle you are looking at. The easiest way to calculate the difference is count the wheels 18T (4 wheeler) rigid 13,000 Ltr capacity 26T (6 wheeler) rigid 19,000 Ltr capacity

YES AND NO AS WELL The main disadvantage of carburetor is vapur lock in hot ambient temperatures petrol do form the homgeneous mixture with air but not always some tiems it goes in form of liqid also in cylinder the systems like mpfi replaced the carburetor and they inject the liquid petrol inside the cylinder

They are the hollowed out shapes/areas in the motor block, which the pistons move up and down through. The petrol is let into the cylinder, when piston pushes up, the petrol explodes and pushes the piston down. The bigger the cylinder the bigger to push, the more powerful the motor.