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The owners manual on my 2001 protege LX 2.0 says not to tow with the vehicle. I would imagine a car with the same chasis and a smaller engine would have the same instructions. It is not usually a good idea to tow much with a front wheel drive vehicle regardless. That is what manufacturers want to make you believe in North America - that you should not tow anything with a 4-cilinder, compact car. They recommend you to buy their SUV or van. In Europe the same manufacturers publish towing rating for small cars - and that is one of the reasons why Europe doesn't have so many gas guzzlers. A rule of thumb is that you can tow about 50% of your vehicle weight. I wouldn't go that far but probably 30% is a safe bet. If you tow frequently, you will probably shorten a little bit the life of your engine and transmission. HiddenHitch offers a hitch Class I for Mazda Protege - check their specs. I am towing a 14" boat, 10hp engine, with my other car - a Suzuki Esteem Wagon (1.8L just like the Mazda) - about 500 pounds in total and on a good road I don't even feel it.

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Q: What is the towing capacity of a 2003 Mazda Protege with the 17L engine?
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