What is the town of London apprentice in Cornwall named after?

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The name London Apprentice seems to have first appeared in 1747 and various explanations have been offered as to how the hamlet received it's name. Apprentices have been said to have learned their trades either as Blacksmiths, or wheelwrights making light wheels for horse traps, but the most likelyexplanation is the name derived from that given to an inn. There was once a popular ballad entitled "The Honour of an Apprentice in London" which tells of an apprentice who" came off with flying colours after endless adventures, in one of which, like Richard the Lionheart, he 'robbed a lion of his heart'." After "his matchless manhood and brave adventure in Turkey", he married the daughter of the King of that country.
From "Memories of our Childhood in London Apprentice" compiled by Christine Young.
Also from the Telegraph:-
London Apprentice - Named after an 18th century ballad about a sailor who landed at Pentewan and, unable to work, travelled to London to learn his trade before returning to Cornwall to establish himself near St.Austell
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How long does it take to get from London to Cornwall?

From Paddington Station in West London to Truro (the administrative centre of Cornwall) the fastest trains take about 4 hours and 20 minutes to cover the 400 km (249 mile) journey. A car journey from West London to Truro would take about 4 hours and 30 minutes using the A4, M4, M25, M3, A303, A30 ( Full Answer )

Can one take a train from London to Cornwall?

Yes but it is expensive, inconvenient and does not stop in that many cities in the area. You are better off renting a car.. Book as far ahead as you can, you will find it a lot cheaper, I don't know what the answerer above means, but most trains stop at all the stations in Cornwall, unless it is an ( Full Answer )

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How many miles from London to Cornwall?

The driving distance from London, United Kingdom to Cornwall,United Kingdom is 142.8 miles. The travel time is 2 hours 25minutes.

How long does it take to get from Cornwall to London?

In a car a trip to London from Cornwall is about 5-6 hours. Unless you get stuck in traffic. If you are travelling on a coach it takes longer because they have speed limits. Then it is about 6-7 hours. Again, it can be more if there is lots of traffic. A train journey takes the same as a car. As yo ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to drive from London to Newquay in Cornwall?

Answer Depending what side of London you are and which route you take and the traffic flow about 6 hours, with 2 stops, obeying speed limits. Using Crystal Palace as a reference it will take you between 45 min to an hour to reach either the M4 or M25. M4 to Bristol 2 Hours, M5 & A30 to Newquay 2 1 ( Full Answer )

Distance between London and Cornwall?

The driving distance from London, United Kingdom to Cornwall,United Kingdom is 142.8 miles. The driving time is 2 hours 25minutes when you take M1, A1(M), and A59.

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The name Cornwall was imposed on it by the invading Germanic tribes and is a Cornish/Anglo-Saxon hybrid name, derived from the Cornish 'corn' and the Anglo-Saxon 'wealas', meaning 'the foreigners of the horn' - Cornwall being a horn shaped peninsula (rather like Italy but smaller). The ancient an ( Full Answer )

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There are many places in the world called called London. . Probably the most famous is the city of London, England, and below we list some 'towns' that are within that city. . It is worth bearing in mind that most cities of the world are comprised of communities that were formerly individual towns ( Full Answer )

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There are about nine places in the greater London area that are referred to as "Towns".

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London is a very large metropolitan area in England in the United Kingdom. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.

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there was a good transport system with the use of the river thames and so wood have been easily defending in middle ages, when it was first built.

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London has had an inhabited settlement since before Roman times nearly 2000 years ago. The name London came from its Roman name - Londinium.

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Is Portwenn in Cornwall England a real town?

No, it is not. Portwenn is the fictional setting of the ITV series Doc Martin . The exteriors and some of the interiors were filmed in the fishing village of Port Isaac on the North Cornwall coast, on the Atlantic side.

Is st mawes in Cornwall a village or a town?

I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have done a background search on it it. St Mawes is a village in Truro, Cornwall! It is by the Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Is London Town in London England?

Yes. London Town is in London England and once there you will have the time of your life. There are many shops, restaurants and entertainment for the whole family.

Is Cornwall in London?

No. Cornwall is located on the southwest tip of England and it isabout 250 miles west of London.

Is London a town or a city in England?

"London is the capital city of England. As of July of 2010, London's current population was 7,825,200 according to the Wikipedia website and information."

What is the nearest town to London England?

"Westminster is technically the closest city to London. It is really more like a borough, than a city, but still retains it's city status. Compare it to the boroughs of New York."

Is Cornwall wetter than London?

Yes it would be. Most rain appoaches England from the southwest,and so it would come to Cornwall first and it would get a lot ofrain.

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At this time, the full name of the Duchess of Cornwall is CamillaRosemary, Duchess of Cornwall. As the British royal family have noofficial last name, that is her entire name. She was born Camilla Rosemary Shand, and, previous to being marriedto Charles, Prince of Wales, had the married name Camilla ( Full Answer )

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There are many different towns located on the outskirts of London. Some of the towns that are located in this area are Esher (in Surrey), Aldershot, Waltham Abbey and Hoddesdon.

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London town may refer to a number of things. It could either refer to London itself located in the beautiful United Kingdom or the musical movie released in 1946. I personally lean toward it referring to London itself.