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Heat tracing can be of 2 types: 1] Electrical Heat tracing: 2] Steam Tracing: Electrical heat tracing can be described as an insulated electrical heating cable, which is spiralled around the process fluid pipe( or object that needs to be heated), after which the pipe and tracing is insulated with the appropriate type and thickness of insulation lagging material. In steam tracing, instead of electrical heating cable, small pile is spiralled which carry steam thereby heating the desired object.

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Q: What is the trace heating or heat tracing?
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One lead will go on the braided shield (this is essentially the ground), the other lead goes on the heating conductors. Megger either one lead at a time, or both conductors under the same lead. I usually test at 1000v - follow manufacture's spec if unsure. You cannot test line to line with a megger. Testing line to line with an ohmmeter is of some use, as the ohmic value will be dependent on the length, wattage and, to some degree, the temperature of the heat trace. This test is most useful with more than one run of identical heat trace, or to track one piece over time. Values far outside of what is expected will indicate damaged (open or shorted) heat trace.

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