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What is the traditional dress in Argentina?

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Usually a poncho with a woolen skirt

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What is the traditional dress for Argentina?

anything with flowers(:

What is the traditional dress of Australia?

Australia does not have traditional dress.

What is Rwanda's traditional dress?

traditional dress in Rwanda

Most traditional sport in Argentina?

The Traditional Sport In Argentina Is Soccer!!

What is United Kingdom traditional dress?

The UK as a whole doesn't have a traditional dress but there are some regions with traditional dress.

What is China's traditional dress?

cheongsam is the traditional dress of china

What is the traditional dress of Ghana?

Kente is the the traditional dress of Ghana

What is the traditional dress of vanuatu?

The traditional dress of Vanuatu is called an ''Island dress'' or ''Mother Hubbard.''

What is traditional dress of Bhutan?

The male dress is called as GHO and female dress as KIRA. It is similar to Japanese traditional dress.

What is is the traditional dress of Africa?

The traditional dress in Africa is whatecer their religion is. Their traditional dress is what religion they are (eg. Hinduism wears hinu clothes

What Is The Traditional Dress For Angola?

it is a dress

What is the Ethiopian traditional dress made of?

Ethiopian traditional dress made of cotton.

What is a traditional Indian dress called?

A traditional Hindu dress is called a sari.

What is a Haitian traditional dress called?

A Haitian traditional dress is called a Karabela.

What are Muslims traditional dress?

The Muslims traditional dress, is the modest witch they can wear

What is the traditional dress of Vatican City?

There is no traditional dress since its so small.

Does Germany have a traditional type of dress?

Yes. For men, the traditional dress is lederhosen, a pair of leather shorts with shoulder straps. Traditional dress for women is a dirndl, a type of dress. You can view these styles of dress in related links.

What is the traditional dress in Korea?

The traditional dress in Korea is a hanbok. The South and North have the same kind of New Year's dress.

What is the name of the Korean traditional costume dress?

The name of korean's traditional costume dress is 'Hanbok.'

Is a Chinese silk kimono a traditional Chinese dress?

NO ! It is a traditional Japanese dress for Men and women.

What is the Barbados traditional clothing?

the traditional dress is green blue yellow and whit on the skirt there is a pic of a bird to find this dress go to google and type: traditional dress of barbados

What is the traditional garment in Vietnam?

Vietnamese traditional garments are long dress, four-panel traditional dress, loose-fitting blouse

What is the traditional dress required for Afghanistan women?

The traditional dress that is required for Afghanistan women is a burqa, an enveloping outer garment. Another part of traditional dress that is required is a face veil.

What is the typical dress of Argentina?


How do people in Argentina Dress?


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