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To scam you by: appereaing when you try to take his pot of gold, and giving you a piece with you turning around staring at the piece of gold and taking your wallet out of your pocket Actually they were Cobblers, shoemakers.

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What is the traditional trade job of the leprechaun and who is he doing it for?

One might hazard the guess of Gold mining and prospecting,as there were many Irish men in various aspects of mining occupations, and the pot of gold angle.

What is the traditional occupation of a leprechaun?

Shoe Maker

What is the job of a Leprechaun?


Traditional profession of a leprechaun in Irish folklore?

ball maker

What is the job of the leprechaun?

it is usually a shoe maker

A leprechaun's job that rhymes with faker?

leprechaun job that rhymes with faker

In Irish folklore what is the traditional profession of a leprechaun?

Traditionally, Leprechauns were shoemakers. :)

In Irish folklore what was the traditional profession of a leprechaun?

A poor woodcutter A shoe-maker, the name Leprechaun means 'One shoe-maker' because if you happen upon a leprechaun unawares he will be absorbed in working on one shoe never a pair.

Who played the leprechaun in leprechaun?

the leprechaun

How many Leprechaun movies are there?

Leprechaun [1993]Leprechaun 2 [1994]Leprechaun 3 [1995]Leprechaun 4: In Space [1997]Leprechaun: In the Hood [2000]Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood [2003]Leprechaun Origins [2014]Leprechaun Returns [2019]

Who is smaller an elf or a leprechaun?


How did the first leprechaun become the first leprechaun?

from being the first leprechaun

Is Rumpelstiltskin a troll or leprechaun?

A leprechaun

How do you spell lepricorn?


Use 'leprechaun' in a sentence?

The leprechaun mischievously stole all my gold.

Would you rather meet a leprechaun or a unicorn Why?


What does a leprechaun supposedly live in?

It depends on the Leprechaun.

Who would win chucky or leprechaun?


Who invented leprechaun?

Ireland did invent the leprechaun

What is the Gaelic word for 'leprechaun'?

Leprechaun is the Gaelic term, it means 'one shoe maker'.

Where does the word leprechaun come from?

What is a Leprechaun- The answer Is Irish Fairy!

What names means leprechaun?

Leprechaun is Gaelic for Shoemaker

Is every leprechaun a man?

No. Every man is a man, every leprechaun is a leprechaun, and every Justin Bieber is a girl.

What will happen if the leprechaun tricks you to look away?

The leprechaun will disappear.

How do you get leprechaun in aqworld?

u get leprechaun on st Patrick's day