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What is the translation of North America in Spanish?


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North America in Spanish is: Norte America.

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There are SO many different "Spanish" foods in North America. To the South of North America are all of the "Spanish" countries.

its North America but in Spanish i think

The spanish colonized America in1492

There are 12-13 Spanish speaking countries in North America.

The first Spanish settlement in North America was Saint Augustine, Florida.

Translation: Me encanta América.

the Spanish speaking country only in north America is i think Mexico.

The motivator for Spanish explorations of North America was greed for gold and new land.

The Spanish were the first to claim land in North America.

Hmmmm. I'm sure your question is how to say January in Spanish. Mexican is not a language but a citizenry of North America, south of the USA. "Enero" is the Spanish translation for "January".

With north America central America and south america

The spanish Conquistadors brought horses to North America.

i know that north America speaks English and spanish

What America? South America? Central America? North America? That is the answer

yes that is how the Spanish barb got to america and others

The part of North America that the Spanish controlled is near Florida

North America and South America

No is the translation of not in spanish.

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to explore North America.

The first permanent Spanish settlement in North America was St. Augustine in what became Florida. It was established in September of 1565.

Spanish Government decided to expand its land to North America because the wanted more catholics

The three most widely spoken languages in North America are:EnglishSpanishFrench

The English translation for the Spanish phrase descubrimiento de america, is discovery of America. One can translate phrases such as this by using an online translation website such as Google Translate.

The Spanish came for gold and to conquer land.

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