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One car's length will get you from Detroit to Windsor---the cities are side by side! Where in Canada do you want to go? You have to be more specific.

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What is the driving distance between Toronto Canada and Greenwich Connecticut U.S.A.?

What is the travel time between Toronto, Ontario Canada and Greenwich Connecticut by car

What is the distance if you travel by car direct from Detroit MI to Toms River NJ?

It is approximately 660 miles from Detroit, MI to Toms River, NJ. If driving between these two locations, one would travel across both Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Does changing the distance of a ramp affect the distance the car travel?


Which would take longer to travel by car from South Dakota to Canada or from South Dakota to India?

If you actually could travel by car to India from South Dakota, that would be the longest distance to travel. However, you would need to find alternate means to travel across the ocean.

What is the distance from Hamilton Canada to etobicoke Canada?

It is 1 hour by car

What is the distance by car to Puerto Vallarta from Detroit?

2,410 miles or about 3880km

What you need to travel by car to Canada?

a passport for every individual in the car.

Distance from Detroit to Atlanta?

The distance from Detroit Michigan to Atlanta Georgia is 722.7 miles. This will take an estimated 10 hours and 24 minutes to drive by car.

What is the distance between Toronto Canada and Nashville TN?

Travel Time: 1,225 km or 761 mi - about 12 hours 7 mins with a car

How many miles is it from Lancaster pa to Montreal Canada?

The driving distance from Lancaster, PA to Montreal, Quebec, Canada is 497.1 miles. The travel time by car is 8 hours 5 minutes.

What is the farthest north that you can travel by car in Canada?


How far is hamilton from Toronto?

It is 41.1 miles between Hamilton Ontario and Toronto Ontario in Canada. It takes approximately 43 minutes to travel this distance by car.

Documents needed to travel by car from Canada to us?


What is the travel distance from Christchurch to Blenheim?

The travel time from Christchurch to Blenheim in a car is around four hours. The distance is about 313 kms.

What surfaces will a toy car travel the least distance?


What does speedometer of a car indicates?

the average distance you will travel in an hour

How do you import a travel trailer from us into Canada?

Connect it to a car then drive past the Canada border.

How far is it from Toronto Canada to Kingston Ontario Canada?

Around 259km if you wish to travel by car.

Can a Canada Permanent resident travel to the US by car?

Yes, but you have to have your passport

How far would it take to travel to the moon by car?

If you measured the distance between the moon and earth you could calculate the correct Distance you are recommended to travel.

What is the distance a car can travel on a tank of gas?

from 300 to 400 miles !!!!

How long is a flight from Detroit MI to Spain?

Travel time to (by car) : spain(91 Hours) Travel time to (by plane) : (12 Hours)

What is the distance between mont tremblant and montreal?

Both Mont-Tremblant and Montreal are located in Quebec Canada. There is 83.1 miles in distance between these two locations. The estimated travel time is 1 hour and 34 minutes by car.

How far kamloops to Vancouver?

Kamloops and Vancouver are both located in British Columbia Canada. The distance between these two locations is 218.5 miles. It would take approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes to travel this distance by car.

What is the distance in km between Toronto Ontario to Lethbridge Alberta driving a car?

The driving distance from Toronto, ON, Canada to Lethbridge, AB, Canada is 2,062mi / 3318km